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Win a $50 Voucher to get your Christmas Cracking

Yes, I mentioned the ‘C’ word in October. I am still recovering from seeing Christmas products pop-up in September but will this encourage me to get organised for Christmas? Probably not! If it’s anything like last year I’ll be packing on Christmas Eve, wrapping and labelling till midnight followed by the delicate assembly of my traditional gingerbread house. I will then spend approximately 4 hours in bed followed by a super early morning wake up call! So when Christmas Kingdom contacted me to over a $50 giveaway to their online store I asked, “are you sure you want to advertise in October?” They said a big fat YES, “we are hitting the start of the season already”.

So here is a great excuse to get organised this year Christmas Kingdom, take the weight off and make this Christmas less stressful. We are giving away a $50 voucher to use in their online store so you can avoid the Christmas car park crisis, restore calm and order from the comfort of your home all the things you need to make you place sparkle. Christmas Kingdom caters for everyone:

– Dad’s purchasing their Santa suit

– Gen X’s purchasing their first Christmas tree after the oldies finally move out. Although don’t rule out they won’t bring over the washing with their presents on Christmas Day.

– For the delightful Nana’s and Grandma’s out there with their penchant for singing Christmas trees for the grandkids. Sure it is nanna!

– And me, your average mum that likes a good table runner and those gorgeous and borderline cheesy Christmas villages in snow which couldn’t be further from the truth for a Christmas down-under.

Christmas Kingdom also have baubles, wreaths, garlands, christmas lights, angels and much much more.

You will also find a large selection of Lemax, Charming Tails, Fitz and Floyd collectibles as well as Nutcrackers, Christmas Inflatables, Bon Bons, Tinsel, Tree Toppers and thousands of other items.

Christmas Kingdom accept all major credit cards and offer a Lay By service.

This year I am vowing to do things differently and when Christmas day dawns and the little people have been up playing with all their goodies for the last 2 hours I will be relaxing in bed in the knowledge, presents are wrapped, food is organised and it’s my job to relax and enjoy every little moment.

So at the time of writing this post there are 71 sleeps 6 hours, 53 minutes and 18 seconds to Christmas. 6,101,598 seconds to be precise, so this year there are no excuses to be stressed on Christmas Day.

$50 Christmas Kingdom Giveaway

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