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What your child carers don’t want you to know

1. They know all your secrets
Lets face it, anyone under 5 is basically a leaky sieve. Littlies have an inability to keep secrets, especially on the most delicate of subjects. If you’ve had an argument, with your partner, have a habit of mowing the lawn in your bikini or have recently dropped the ‘f’ bomb, chances are they already know. Don’t worry, it’s not just your secrets they know it’s everyone’s and they will pretend they don’t.

2. Childcare workers hourly rate can be the equivalent to the price of an entrée
This might be at your favourite restaurant (not that you’ve probably been there in a while) – An Australian child care worker can earn anything from $15-$35.

3. Kids are turning up to child care sick
I think we all know about this one. Everyday educator is under pressure to accept sick children whose parents are under pressure from their employers. Despite centre’s having guidelines some parents are still pushing the boundaries questioning them when they believe children and sick and need to go home.

4. Parents need to stop using childcare as a drive-through
Educators are sick of parents who use them, who always forget items of clothing, bedding and nappies and expect the centre to cover them on a weekly basis. They are sick of parents breezing in and out with barely a hello and not a question about how the little person’s day was, let alone the educators. It’s all about respect. Educators deserve the upmost respect.

5. Being an Early Childhood Educators is a profession
Play is where it’s at for the under 5’s. Learning happens through play so if you see your educator lying on the ground building a block tower or digging a hole in the sand or observing the children climbing a tree climbing, they are thinking about the principles and outcomes related to the Early Years Learning Framework cause they will record these experiences later.

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