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What would you do with $50K? Fairy Doors!

$50,000 is a lot of money and I have plenty of great ideas but a long-held secret idea for world domination of fairy doors. Firstly. I’ll work you through my thought processes on this one. These are the ideas I have ruled out so far:

1. Tucking it away for a rainy day: Boring

2. Employ staff to feed, style or train me: Tempting

3. Treat my closest friends to an all exclusive reunion on a tropical island: Hmmmm

4. Fly my husbie to Florence, Italy to tie a ‘Love Locket’ on a bridge, cause if you are like me and have had kids, romance is a distant memory: To be honest he would probably be happier if we had a week at the Gold Coast without kids.Whatwouldyoudowith50K

5. Buy a $20,000 road bike, associated lycra and matching accessories and ship myself and my bike to some exotic location to participate in a race which I then plaster all over Facebook.  Only if I could pay someone to ride the race for me who looks a little like me from the front and alot better than me in lycra from behind.

5. Blow it on Hermes or Louis Vuitton matching accessories: I hate that Louis Vuitton pattern anyway and Hermes looks like something my nana would wear as a headscarf to church on Sunday.

6. Fly the Wiggles to our house and put on a personal show for the kids and their friends: Let’s just rule this one out right now!

7. Buy the most expensive pet in the world that all the Hollywood stars have, a Tibetan Mastif ($3000), call it Coco and get a diamond Chanel dog collar: Kids have allergies, that’s out.

8. Hire a personal chef to cook dinner every night: I’m not sure how long they would last before handing in their resignation after the 7th consecutive meal is refused without even touching the lips of Miss 3.

9. Hire a yacht on Sydney Harbour and have a fancy dress recreation of Duran Duran’s Rio film clip, complete with blue eyeshadow, highlights and blow wave hair dos: This could have wings?


10. Take Fairy Doors to the world!


So recently at my cousins wedding overseas we took the kids to Brownsea Island in the UK, the home of the Scouts. Tucked into the bottom of a tree was an inconspicuous fairy door. The kids couldn’t believe their discovery and I thought it was such a cool metaphor for life. Exploration leads to the door of opportunity, and you just have to take a risk and open it to see what’s on the other side. Ok, in Australia it may be higher risk given the extent of our list of dangerous creatures that like dark places to hang out in, but don’t you think it’s cool? I have actually thought this through. We could work with men’s sheds to recycle local materials, no fancy fairy doors here. Build them in local communities and put them in locations in local parks. We would bring it all together on an app which gives kids clues to the location and can give them more information about their local community like facts about traditional owners, native plants and places of historical interest. Communities can create and upload their own community doors locations and information to the app and we could replicate this across Australia and ultimately the world. It would be a purely a social enterprise and we would have guidelines of how to build and attach a door to a tree without destroying the roots or trunk. Ahhhh, community and intergenerational development – my dream! Together lets house fairies across the world. I am not kidding. Who is in?

So here is my $50,000 dream laid bare. $50,000 is the sort of money of dreams and if you settle a loan worth at least $150,000 with Mortgage Choice by 31st January 2015 and are lucky enough to win $50,000 you should use it to unlock a dream. Start that business you were always dreaming of, recreate that Duran Duran or Kylie film clip you always wished you had of been in. A dream you have held onto deep inside. A dream which is only shared with your therapist as you discuss your anxiety and stress related to your day job. A dream which will make you happy. Mine is Fairy Doors!  So come on universe, I’ve put it out there. Let’s open the ‘fairy door’ of opportunity and see what’s on the other side!

This article has been part of a creative writing competition as part of a wider campaign Mortgage Choice is currently running . For details of the competition and for a chance to win $50,000 click here 



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