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What should kids wear to day care?

New to child care? What do they wear?
There’s clothes, and then there’s your kids daycare clothes. You might start with a fashion parade of new clothes when you child first enters daycare. It might even stay remarkably clean if they aren’t moving around much. But by the time your child can move and eat finger food you will be rethinking the Ralph Lauren jeans and GAP polo. Here’s some hot tips on what’s hot and what’s not this child care season.


Labeled clothes:

Chances are your child isn’t the only one with a red target jacket and Wiggles hat. Labeling your child’s clothing helps your child’s carers keep track of everything from clothes to socks. You don’t have to invest in personalised labels with butterfly motifs, unless you want to. Just buy a small permanent marker and add their name to the label. Nothing is too small to be labeled!

Dressing for the weather:

Were coming into summer now so it’s important to be cool but not get burnt. Thanks to our lucky country there will be a lot of sunshine and outdoor play, so many child care centres suggest dresses or shirts that cover the shoulders. Watch out for the Euro soccer shirts or dress up costumes made of polyester. Awesome if you live in the UK but can be a heat trap in summer. Always remember to pop in a cardigan for those afternoon summer storms just on pick up time.


You might already be dealing with a Brooklyn Beckam or Suri Cruise, making getting out the door without matching outfits or accessories difficult. As long as they are comfortable, that’s all that matters. Clothes that don’t fit properly can be uncomfortable and often result in a child staking. Dressing your child in clothing that fits and is comfortable will help them to get the most out of their day. If your child constantly has to pull up their pants to keep them on, they aren’t going to be able to give their full attention to what is going on around them. Also, your child will have an easier time falling asleep at sleep time if they are comfortable in what they’re wearing.

Spare pairs:

Most family day carers and child care centres (especially full-day programs) ask parents to leave an extra set of clothing. Number 3’s, messy meals, art projects, or a wet slide on the playground are all reasons your child may need their clothes changed during the day. When an accident does occur, having an extra set of your child’s clothing on hand is convenient for the child care workers and reassuring to your child.

Designer kids clothes

Nice/expensive clothing:

Your child is going to get messy at child care. Don’t dress them in clothing you don’t want ruined or stained. You can’t blame child care educators if your babies $300 D&G jumpsuit is covered with grass stains. Well, hopefully if you have spent $300 on a babies outfit, you have someone to do the washing for you. If you have an event or sport your child will be attending after child care, leave the outfit for the special activity in their bag and do a quick change when you pick up your wee one.

Hard to Access Clothes:

Younger children need their nappies changed frequently and older children are potty training or may need to get to the bathroom in a hurry. For infants, you should avoid clothing that doesn’t have snaps or buttons up at the back, which can make changing their nappy more difficult. There is nothing more frustrating and tear inducing for busy babies than wasted time on the change table. For older children, avoid belts or difficult buttons that can make potty training and using the bathroom more difficult. When they gotta go, they gotta go!


Jewellery is easily lost or stolen, leave it at home. Some child care centres do not allow necklaces as they are a dangerous if they break if there are smaller children around.

The first day your child’s ‘good’ clothes are destroyed you will getting out the napisan, thinking back to this article. But I won’t gloat and say I told you so.

Dodgy Footwear:

Heels, slippy shoes, shoes the wrong size are all totally not cool for child care. It’s hard enough staying upright as a little person but walking around with your own trip hazards won’t help.

The first day your child’s ‘good’ clothes are destroyed you will be getting out the napisan, thinking back to this article. But I won’t gloat and say I told you so:)

Any tips on whats ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ drop us a line on info@daycaredecisions.com.au

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