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Top 10 Books About Starting PreSchool and School in 2016

Reading is a great way to prepare your child for preschool and school or any new beginnings. Some children embrace change and others are nervous about the change in routine, making new friends and being away from mum and dad. Can I just say it’s not just the kids that are a bit nervous, us parents do most of the worrying for them so these books are as much for us as they are for them. Starting preschool, kindergarten and school is a big step so snuggle up and enjoy the journey and let it all begin with a book.

Starting School Reading Books  I am Too Absolutely Small for School1. I  am Too Absolutely Small for School

Featuring Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child

Although Lola agrees with her brother that it would be useful to learn how to write, read and count, she can’t go to school because her invisible friend’s too nervous to go.

Starting School Books for Kids2. Starting School

I just love the illustrations of Janet and Allan Ahlberg. I pretty sure I read their books when I was growing up. They use terms the kids would be familiar with like, home corner, trays for their work, coat pegs… even the loos get a mention! These guys did that lovely baby book Peepo





Starting School Books for Kids

2. Tom and Small by Claire Vulliamy

I love this book and beautiful illustrations about a little boy called Tom. The book begins the day before when he is trying on all his clothes and worrying about not being able to take his favourite toy mouse Small to School. Tom finds himself shrinking to the same size as his toy mouse, and the two friends fly in a model plane, high above Tom’s new school. When he peeks through the school window, Tom is delighted to see his name on a sticker above a coat peg, and feels reassured and confident to face his first big day of school. It is set in the UK so it can look a little different to our Aussie School but the adventure captured my little boys imagination



Books About Starting School in 2016 What to Expect at School3. What to expect at preschool by Heidi Murkoff

If this looks familiar then it’s because it’s also the author of what to expect when you are expecting. It’s about a friendly dog called Angus. It has lots of basic information that is very engaging for kids. Angus the dog talks about drop-off time, circle time, pick-up time, snack time, and even how a kid can ask a teacher for anything.





Books about starting school in 20164. Wiffy Wilson, the Wolf who Wouldn’t Go to School by Caryl Hart

I loved the original about Wiffy Wilson not wanting to take a bath. This one is just as good. Wilson couldn’t count to ten, he had never used a pen to write his own name. He thought that it would be better to stay home and watch TV all day. His best friend, Dotty, takes him by the paw and shows him that school is fun. Soon, When he gets a gold star for all his work he realises that school is the BEST THING EVER! But don’t take my word for it. Have a look below at a beautiful review by a wee Scottish boy with the cutest accent.



Books about Starting School in 20165. First Day by Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley

With beautiful illustrations this book is super enjoyable for both children and their parents. The book starts with waking up on the big day, to having a special breakfast, putting on the new uniform and shiny shoes, to that brave moment where both Mum and child wave goodbye at drop-off and the school day begins. It is reassuring for both parents and children, “…the best bit about waving goodbye is the next wave will be hello.” Don’t cry just yet…..




Books about Starting School in 20166. Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chichester Clark

The Blue Kangaroo books are awesome, and this one is no exception. Lily and Blue Kangaroo show your child just how much fun there is to be had in the classroom.








Books about Starting School in 20167. Starting School by Jane Godwin

Another wonderful Aussie author, and beautifully illustrated by Anna Walker. This book is all about a group of children starting school. It’s nice to have an very Australian book and it covers the new experiences young children will encounter at school.





Books about Starting School in 20168. The Terrible Suitcase by Emma Allen

Freya Blackwood’s illustrations are amazing and this is the first of Aussie Author’s Emma Allen’s books. The story is about a little girl starting school and wanting a red backpack with rockets and a silver zip but your mum ends up getting you a terrible suitcase instead. So the little girl gets mad, cracks it and sulks but it turns out that with a little bit of imagination it can turn into something quite cool. Starting school can be an emotional time as parents of this age group will know with a whole range of emotions.




Books about Starting PreSchool in 20169. Spot Goes to School by Eric Hill

Everybody loves Spot and this continues our journey with him as he starts school. Spot does a lot of different activities and enjoys his time.The pop up doors is great for developing fine motor skills and as children lift the doors to see what spot gets up too. This book is a great to read with early years. Kids starting school will probably think it is too babyish but you will know if it hits the spot with your children.




Books about starting school in 201610. Look, There’s a Hippopotomus in my Playgound Eating Cake by Hazel Edwards

This may look familiar if you have read there is a Hippopotomus on my roof eating cake. It’s great to support an Australian author like Hazel Edwards. This story is fun, like all her other books. The story is about the little girl getting ready for school and her hippo (her imaginary friend) packing their own bags. It covers what goes on at school like children drawing, playing in the playground, eating lunch and sitting on the mat to listening to a stories.


You can purchase the books above on anything from Amazons Aussie Book Seller Booktopia or if you are in the US Amazon. The Book Depository , Angus and Robertson or many more or support your local book shop. Happy reading!


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