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The Top 5 Tech ‘must-haves’ for Baby

How old will we sound when we will talk to our kids about experiencing life before the internet? When I was your age darling, we couldn’t google search, we had to go to the library for our school projects. We had to pre-arrange meeting times because there were no mobiles and the only way we knew what the forecast was to watch the news or look at the sky. The sad truth is our children won’t understand the correlation between an apple mac and a paper clip, a pencil and a cassette.

My Dad loves tech and we did have a computer in the 80’s with a green screen where we played Pitfall and Carmen Sandiago. They used to print invoices on a dot matrix and I loved the sound of it and peeling off the perforated edges. Ahhh the memories. Our kiddies will live in a totally different world and from now on tech will take leaps and bounds. So just so you don’t miss the wave. Here are five tech ‘must-haves’ (you have to put that, all the other blogs do) worthy of your investment for the geek in every family who thinks that babies and their needs are just a challenging complex problem worthy of a tech solution.  Sit back and have a laugh or share them with the geek in your family, everyone has one!


  1. 1. The iPotty – Technology for Baby iPottyIf you don’t think your kids are getting enough screen time then maybe attaching an iPad to a potty is what you have been hoping for? It’s hard to believe that in a world full of technological solutions you can connect an ipad to a potty but you still have to manually pour the poo out into the toilet. A potty that can automatically remove the poo from a potty or the bath, now that’s technology worth paying for!  http://www.ctadigital.com/item.asp?item=3016


  1. Baby selfies & social media updates – Your baby can status update their starfish pose, tweet their locatioBaby Selfies Instagram Twitter Facebookn (cot again), and upload instagram shots (all extreme close ups) all from the comfort of their cosy cot. Ok, so it’s actually something created a researcher in Denmark created as a way for society to reflect on how much of our children’s data we are prepared to give away. Ironically she has been swamped with requests to mass produce them. Hope those bubs use a hashtag cause I’d totally share, regram and retweet those pics!   http://daycaredecisions.com.au/babies-can-take-selfies/


  1. Technology for Babies Smart NappiesSmart nappies – Surely the time poor tech developer has worked on this one. The idea is you scan the nappy to see if its wet -duh! If it’s leaking down their legs or 20 times its usual size you probably due for a change it. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smart-diapers


5. Baby Bond Car Seat –  I was very happy to learn that rather than using technology to eject the car seat into the air AKA Bond that instead they shut a lid on the poor child. God help the child that hands it’s hands in the air in an accident cause those little chubbies look like they will be for the chop. I hope there are breathing holes in these cause the whole system looks a bit scary. http://www.carkoon.com/High-tech Baby Car Seat





6. Smart baby monitor – you can hear and talk to your baby as well as turn on a nightlight and play music all from your smartphone! I don’t know about you but the ninja-like escape I have made following a night time wake up means there is no way I will be talking to bub through the monitor day or night. Apart from freaking them out and leaving them wondering why they don’t get a cuddle catching up online wouldn’t be for me. I wonder if it’s smart enough to notice the baby stirring and switch on the music? I wonder if when the cries reach a certain decibel you get to turn the light on so you don’t smash your toe or step on a dolls arm which embeds itself into the webbing between your toes when you lurch in a zombie-like state to tend to baby.

Technology Baby Monitor






There are some things technology can’t solve

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