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5 things you can learn from a high school reunion

Olden day School picture

20 years ago I finished school. It doesn’t feel like a long time ago! My high school experience was ordinary. I didn’t find my soul mate or form lifelong friendships, I didn’t do amazingly well, I played hockey and netball socially and loved the ole high school musicals and when ...

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The school holiday shuffle!

Kids on a swing

I honestly think sometimes that my children need their own diaries! Master 7 and Miss 3 have a far better social life than I seem to have anymore and then you introduce school holidays. Thankfully Little Miss attends a daycare centre that is open all through the holidays (I have ...

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10 Ways to Celebrate Back to School

Collage of Back To School Pictures

It can be a momentous milestone for both parent and child going to school or progressing through the ranks of primary school. It’s worth celebrating the little things. Here’s 10 ideas to celebrate just turning up: 1. Frozen Banana Penguins A wee sweet treat is so ‘un-PC’ but with banana ...

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Christmas Survival Tips for Mums


Does your calendar have chicken pox? Do you have yellow stick it notes attached to your children, reminders pinging on your phone every 15minutes to remind you where to be, what to bring? Do you feel ecstatic when you friend cancels your play date? It’s ok, you have a mild ...

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New Monster Primary School Book

Monster Primary School

Brisbane teacher, Michael Paulsen has just released his first children’s picture book, “Monster Primary School”. Rather than spend his well-earned teaching salary on ‘glamping’ in the NT or an all-inclusive cruise of the Med, Michael has invested his savings into his first book which explores a number of themes including ...

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