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Dealing with a job you don’t like

Mum with kids at work Daycare Decisions

Sometimes you don’t love your job, not even as a friend. But when you have a child you make choices. You may choose to sacrifice enjoyment for a salary. The work maybe dull as dung beetles but it’s close to home, the hours suit you and you don’t bring work ...

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When to choose child care?

Pregnancy Test

The sooner the better get onto that wait list. I always joke that pregnancy testing kits should come with child care wait list form. Finding good, affordable childcare in metropolitan areas of Australia is a challenge. Not only is childcare expensive in major capital cities (ranging from $70 – $140 ...

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Involving Dads in Daycare


When you look around your childcare centre do you see any male childcare workers? Do you see any blokes in the posters you see on the wall? How would you feel walking into a daycare run predominantly by males? Bit weird, well the poor ole dads might be feeling the ...

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Do you have eldest child syndrome?


Everyone talks about middle child syndrome or the baby of the family, you rarely hear about the eldest. Being the eldest of four children in my family means that I organize the family get togethers, I resolve the conflict, I make the decisions on family gifts for mum and dad ...

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Risky play is in

Ride on hills hoist

So what’s your definition of risky play? Is it your baby aged 1, crawling up the slide unaided? Is it your 2 year old using scissors or, is it your 5 year old climbing up ladder onto the roof of your garage? Children seek challenging and risky play, some more ...

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We hit the press!

Mother holding baby in the air

Hello to all our new Facebook friends and site visitors. Thanks for dropping by! We were very excited recently to receive a Brisbane City Council grant as part of the Digital Strategy program and be featured in Quest Newspapers: http://quest.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx It’s 15 secs on fame So where are we at? ...

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Confident Parent?

Baby relaxed

Being a confident parent Despite parenting advice from Dr Spook, Robin Barker, Steve Biddulph, my next-door-neighbour, the postie, my mum, and the newsagent, I still have some bad days. And why, given I have had so much helpful information, do I still loose my cool more and feel less than ...

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