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Dealing with a job you don’t like

Mum with kids at work Daycare Decisions

Sometimes you don’t love your job, not even as a friend. But when you have a child you make choices. You may choose to sacrifice enjoyment for a salary. The work maybe dull as dung beetles but it’s close to home, the hours suit you and you don’t bring work ...

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Top 5 Resume Tips for Mums

UberMum and Daughter on Laptop

Top 5 Resume Tips for Mums Whether you are returning to the workforce after having bub or going back to your old job, having a baby and taking paid parental leave or maternity leave is a good time to reflect on your skills and abilities, think about the future and ...

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Restarting your career after baby

Kids and mum pointing to the laptop

It sounds straight forward enough,….”follow 5 easy steps and you’ll be back on your feet,” but I’m going to start by saying, it’s not that easy. Having a baby is a huge transitional point in a women’s life and most times, career. No matter how long you have taken off ...

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Sister Act: Turning an idea into a biz

Baby in Basket

Recently we spoke to Liz and Jane from BabyBatches on turning an idea into a business and what advice they would give new mums in choosing childcare. Liz Williams and Jane Quinn are sisters. They traded careers as legal secretaries to go into business together to create a business and ...

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Style Me: Returning to Work

Mums Closet & Kirsty Ashe Styling

Returning to work after the birth of a child is daunting…..Holy moly it is more than daunting! Not only do you have that dreading, never relinquishing feeling of mother guilt (dropping bub at day care, or feeling like you a relying way to heavily on the grandparents/relatives) it is hard ...

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The eternal learning curve of parenthood

Boy in a shadow

So…once you have your precious bundle and you work out which way is up, what they like (or actually what they don’t like to eat!) to eat, sleeping patterns, illness, middle of the night trips to doctors, walking, teething, what does that cry mean, why won’t you sleep! Now you ...

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Win a $40 night in with MenuLog!

Child covered in Fruit

Ever felt like not cooking dinner after a rubbish day at work, coming home to busy, tired kiddlets? This is the competition for you! Thanks to our friends at MenuLog Australia’s number 1 online takeaway they recognised the Mums of Australia need a night in and a way to order ...

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