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What does Childcare in Canada Look Like?


Part One, Childcare around the world: Vancouver, Canada. Our intrepid reporter Mel Okimoto has just returned from an overseas trip and took some time to look at childcare in Canada from a mum’s perspective and uncovered some interesting differences and similarities about childcare in Canada and childcare in Australia. Here is her report: I ...

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Long Daycare or Childcare

Childcare Centres or Long Daycare

As a friend said, “my advice would be, if you want you children to get a place in the city childcare centres, put their name down at as many as you can before they are conceived and cross your fingers until they are 2”. I have never heard of any ...

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5 minutes with Mark from Woodland Education

Woodland Education Childcare Centre Australia

I have been quietly online stalking Mark from Woodland Education ever since I came across a shared article about his use of technology in early years education, not only as a learning tool but a tool to improve the customers experience.I followed up with a Google search and I came ...

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Our Top 5 Tips to Get Into Childcare

Children in childcare

Childcare centres otherwise known as long daycare are notoriously hard to get into in Australia. Parents in Brisbane say they put their child’s name down while they are pregnant on between four to eight waiting lists. Parents in Sydney and Melbourne up to fifteen! The little tacker hasn’t even taken ...

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10 tips for choosing the best child care

Baby in childcare

1. Investigate your options, from your mum and dad through to long day care. How do you know what you want if you don’t know what’s available? Check out our fact sheet on defining day care. 2. Don’t wait until you have your baby to decide on your daycare options. ...

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