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Is the means test mean?

Childcare Means Test

We think parents struggle and we need to protect those on the lowest income. Lets focus on cutting out the high income earners with our simple Luxury Audit. This is our proposal for one of the many childcare reforms which makes childcare more accessible for parents;)  

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The school holiday shuffle!

Kids on a swing

I honestly think sometimes that my children need their own diaries! Master 7 and Miss 3 have a far better social life than I seem to have anymore and then you introduce school holidays. Thankfully Little Miss attends a daycare centre that is open all through the holidays (I have ...

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Involving Dads in Daycare


When you look around your childcare centre do you see any male childcare workers? Do you see any blokes in the posters you see on the wall? How would you feel walking into a daycare run predominantly by males? Bit weird, well the poor ole dads might be feeling the ...

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The great rebate debate

Girl puts money in piggy bank

Juggling, worrying, debating, deciding, stressing…..all symptoms of returning to a more structured work environment. I was recently offered a 3 day a week fantastic opportunity. My first thought was ‘yes please!’ My second, third, fourth, fifth … thought was how on earth was I going to juggle it all. With ...

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