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Long Daycare or Childcare

Childcare Centres or Long Daycare

As a friend said, “my advice would be, if you want you children to get a place in the city childcare centres, put their name down at as many as you can before they are conceived and cross your fingers until they are 2”. I have never heard of any ...

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Flexible Childcare: Australian Nanny Trial

Nanny Trial Australia

The Australian Government recently announced a $250,000 million Nanny Trial trial targeting parents in regional areas and shift workers. Currently the detail is being nutted out and we spoke to Annemarie Sansom, Vice President, of the Australian Association of Nannies (ANA), the first body to represent Nannies in Australia under the ...

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Top 5 Federal Budget Child Care Fails

Childcare Budget Fails

Early education and childcare are high up there in terms of the hottest issues in Australia at the moment. Details of the long awaited child care package based on the findings of the Productivity Commission should arrive before the federal budget is handed down in a few weeks time. Even with ...

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