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Super Easy Kids Mango Ice Cream

The smell of Mangos means Christmas in our house. It’s hot here in the tropics and stone fruit is available in abundance. I took the plunge in the week and got a tray of sweet smelling mangos. The kids know there is only one thing to do with so many mangos……make MANGO ICE CREAM! Even if you live overseas and you will have a chilly Christmas, this is one of those super easy show stopper recipes worth turning up the central heating for and pretending you are down under;) No thermomix or ice cream churner required!

Kids Mango Ice Cream Ingredients

This is our own recipe developed with a bit of trial and error. It’s a great one to get the kids involved in making if you don’t mind a bit of mess. You will find that there is a substantial amount quality control ‘taste-testing’ of the mangos to ensure the sweetest ones go onto the ice cream. This is such an easy recipe we have only two ingredients and it can be done in 5 super simple steps.



400ml of Coconut Cream (you could use milk but coconut cream is more creamy and holds together a bit better rather than adding something like gelatine)

2 Big Mangos

It looks a lot cooler thanks to Auntie Ali who gave the kids the rocket ice cream holders last year for Christmas. Normally it would take probably about 10 minutes to prepare the ice creams and 2 hours to freeze. We leave them over night and they are just perfect. So here are our simple steps:


1. Pick 2 of your sweetest mangos, cut them up and putting them in a blender or a bowl

Kids Mango Ice cream

2. Add a tin (400ml) coconut cream

Kids Mango Ice Cream Preparation

3. Give it a wizz with your stick master like we did or blender
Mango Ice Cream Recipe

4. Pour it in. This bit gets messy but there are willing helpers to lick up the mess. With this amount we made 6 ice creams and had about 200mls left over for the adults.

Kids Mango Ice Cream

5. The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze. We left them over night for the best results. When they are frozen you may need to run the ice block container underneath a hot tap for a minute to make it easy to pop out. Chill and enjoy the taste of summer.

Child Eating Mango Ice Cream

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