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Preschool in a Nursing Home – Genius!

The Present Perfect Production company has developed a beautiful short film about an Intergenerational Centre in the U.S. which combines both a preschool and nursing home. You can see elderly residents light up as the children do activities with the residents from craft to dance. Their open and non-judgmental and inclusive attitudes towards the residents is a little lessons for us all. The film highlights the challenges of our ageing population and the isolation they face. I’d bet there are some great stories shared as they play.

My grandma is in a nursing home and has a wonderful time when I bring the kids in, as do the other residents. I think the aged care sector and childcare sector share so many similarities and I have written about it before. It is not uncommon the voices of both the elderly and the Under 5s are lost in discussions about their care. The quality of care lies in many areas but most importantly it’s the relationships that build trust, make them feel comfortable, supported and safe. Their interests and skills engaged and challenged. It’s a wonderful thing to connect the generations in a society where not everyone has a grandma or grandad. Take a look it’s just gorgeous.


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