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Prepping for Prep, Kindergarten, Reception & Pre-Primary

So Prep is a big deal for us. Depending on where you live in Australia it is called different things. It is that year before grade 1. You might know it as Kindy if you live in ACT or Victoria, Reception if you live in SA, Pre-primary if you live in WA and Transition if you live in the NT. If you live in Qld and Tassie we, we call it Prep. So now we are on the same page I can get on with the story…..We had our orientation the other day for school next year and I even got emotional then, so god knows what I will be like on the first day of school! It’s actually a bigger deal than I thought and it’s one of those ‘time-stop’ moments which you have burnt into your memory until you are an oldie.

My little fella’s behaviour has been erratic over the last few months with a full spectrum of emotions. I have spoken to my friends and it seems to be something kids this age experience before that big start date. We had even had the reappearance of a baby voice and I think we know a transition is on but we don’t know how to cope. We have done lots of cuddles and explaining how you can feel sad leaving something you like behind but that can also be a good thing as you are going to find out all knew things and meet new friends as well.

We are not stressed about him writing his name, knowing all the colours of the Dulux swatches or counting to 50. We just want him to feel happy, safe and excited about school. But we do have one stumbling block. My little boy loves gripping a pencil in a fist like he is going to snap it in two. I’m not sure he is the only boy in the history of the world to not embrace colouring in, painting and most other crafty things. But in his disinterest he has done himself a disservice. Our lovely kindy teachers have pointed out the muscles in his hands are not strong enough to hold a pen for a long amount of time and he grips it because of his weakness. This has had a bit of an affect on his confidence and he hasn’t wanted to do much colouring in as we keep hassling him in a supportive way but apparently it’s still a hassle!

We done a bit of online investigating and decided to embrace activities he would love in order to help him develop his hand strength so here are the Top Activities that we will be working on until school begins in the new year!

1. Water Sprayers
Water Sprayer

I picked these up at the local shop for $2. As you can see they are handy for not only spraying your sister but also cleaning your diggers! (Always find a way to use diggers)

Spray with a Digger

2. Scissors
Cutting ClothWe invested in some super sharp craft scissors so my son could help me with a few crafty activities which involved cutting material and we really enjoyed that

3. Operation
Fine Motor skills wit Board Game OperatinIt’s a bit lavish but in a selfish way I have been dying to play Operation for years so I didn’t need much encouragement to invest in the game. This game has been great not only to cement taking turns, focus and fine motor skills but also to loose. That’s something else we are working on. My aim in life is to teach my son to lose graciously! I’m still learning:)

4. Icing
Icing for hand strengthI was looking around the cupboard to find any things that looked like they could help exercise hand muscles and came across an ancient icing implement I found in the bottom drawer. I don’t even know what they are called. We used Playdough but that made it pretty hard but actual icing might be a bit easier. It was lots of fun making different shapes.

If you have any activities for developing hand strength or things to address before the kids attend school please let us know what you are doing by emailing info@daycaredecisions.com.au

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