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NY Pre-school for Adults is Child’s Play

Have you ever dropped off your child to pre-school or kindy on your way to work and wanted to stay for a play in the mud pit? Wanted to be up to your elbows in clad glue, cardboard and glitter, desperate to enjoy some green time instead of screen time? Two New York natives are charging from $333 to $1000 to help adults go back to pre-school.

Adult Preschool in NY
Adult Preschool MasterMind Program Educators

Founder, Michelle Joni, who has “nearly half a degree in pre-school education” and pre-school educator Miss Cancan say on their website their program will “explore preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives.” The daily program over the 4 months includes arts and craft, nap time, lessons, field trips, show and tell and more.

I haven’t visited myself but it does look a little bit like a Glee Summer Camp crossed with Hoopla Doopla. For some adults, like my husband, it would be his idea of  hell on earth. For me, I think I would probably enjoy it but it does raise the question why grown adults are seeking an early years program to provide both personal and professional development? Well the early years are the foundation for all our learnings and they say the largest brain development in humans happens in the under 5’s so this is the age we essentially learnt everything we ever needed to know:

– How to share and look after other people’s things and if you borrow the lawn mower and mow your 30cm grass and stuff the blades, just get some new ones.

– How to develop resilience and when people throw sand in your face literally or figuartively you don’t go feral

– How to respect others, don’t speak over people, facilitate the quiet person speaking up in a team meeting and don’t talk to people like you are king of the castle

–  How to self care, take frequent rest breaks, concentrate on one thing at a time, limit the amount of time you look at a screen and spend time outdoors

– How to effectively build skills in a nurturing environment through education and professional development programs tailored to my needs

– How to stop and see wonder in everything: shapes in the clouds, patterns in nature and colours in the leaves on the trees

But if you do have a spare $1000 a day don’t spend it getting creative, donate it to your pre-school or kindy and why don’t you just volunteer to stay one day and find out the power of play and early education.

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