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Maternity Wear Essentials

It’s something every to-be mother struggles with – finding affordable, practical, fashionable, and, most importantly, comfortable maternity clothes. Every mother, those first timers, or those twelve kids in, knows that the most annoying thing about maternity clothes is that you only use them for 6-7 out of the nine months that you are actually pregnant. And of course, whilst some mums can jump right back into their skinny jeans after giving birth, there are some of us who keep wearing maternity clothes long after – just lucky I guess!%

Where to find the right maternity wear can be difficult for some mothers, most turn to online shops but then it’s difficult to know what it looks like on. Some gain info from other mothers, or friends and family, and some of us depend on sheer luck. That is, visiting our local shopping centre in the hope that one of our favourite stores will have a designated ‘Maternity Wear’ section:


In the hope to make life a little easier, Daycare Decisions, with help of our researching mum Mel has asked our followers what items of clothing were their pregnancy essentials. This is part one of a 3 part post so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks!

We’ve chatted to a few mums and they’ve told us their top tips for smart maternity-wear

1. Top quality maternity bra and undies. Ok, If you need any reason to splurge, this would be the items to do it on. Whatever size you are you will go up a size or two and Im talking about upstairs and downstairs. It’s hard to say when, but some mummies invest in a couple of sets in the early months and then around 5-7 month mark of your pregnancy just so they have an idea of how much they need to accommodate. These bras can transform into a one stop milking machine and the undies have a comfy bit at the front that helps you hang out. Most of the time in the bras there is a clip at the top or a flap but mainly there is support without underwire, as apparently that can cause a few issues with blood flow to the breast area and increase the chances of mastitis. At this stage you just want to be able to breathe. It makes it hard to decide when to invest but our mummies say the sooner you start wearing maternity tent undies and tepee bra, the better! (You can also get tights with a bump mold and they actually feel like they are giving you a bit of support too.

2. The maternity jean A must have, especially in the colder weather. Many maternity jeans come with that ever-so-comfy elasticised waistband (OMG it’s amazing) which makes wearing them a breeze! You can get them at Kmart and Target for $20 through to Maternity brands for $120.

3. A built-in-bra tank top seemed to top the list of must- haves, especially in Australia! Easy to wear in the evenings and perfect for post-pregnancy especially when PJ’s double as day-wear.

4. Belly band Sooner or later you won’t be able to do up your trousers and jeans. Ever thought of walking around with the zipper undone? Now you can thanks to the Belly Band. It’s basically a 4 inch band of lycra in various colours you can match with your pants so you don’t even have to buy ‘maternity pants’ unless you want to. It sounds weird but it’s comfy and saves your money for pedicures and other below the waist maintenance when you can’t get down there.

5. Evening wear maternity dress There is no doubt at all that every major alcohol-fuelled event you ever wanted to attend in you life will be scheduled in the 9 months of your pregnancy. Weddings, 40th birthdays, reunions, you name it. Most of them will be scheduled in super bump stage so it’s worth getting on ebay and purchasing something a little special.

Well that’s got the ball rolling, and our lovely mummies have also suggested belly belt, super long singlets, comfy undies Stay tuned for Part 2 this week for our top 5 online shops!

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