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Make a hanging bat for Halloween

You’ve still got a bit of time until Halloween and if you have a spare 5 mins you will be able to do this with stuff you have at home. I found a handy use for our council newsletter. They print on high quality paper and makes for great bat wings!

You need:
Toilet roll: minus the paper
Paper to make wings
Pipe cleaners for legs (Just use cardboard with folded legs if you don’t have pipecleaners
Sticky tape

First, we cut out some wings out, it doesn’t matter what shape and we coloured them in.


I cut out some ears and we stuck both on with sticky tape and then we stuck the legs on.

Child doing craft

We added some blood cause we had two different types of bats: a vampire bat and a fruit bat.

Child drawing on craft

And there you have it. We made a few different bats and they have been flying and hanging around the whole house.

Craft making bats for Hallowean

I’m going to call this segment #crapcraft and I’ll upload a blog posts on the weekend all about an easy craft activity. ‘Crap’ cause it’s accessible, anyone can do it, and mostly you can make it from things you have lying around the house. Welcome to #crapcraft

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