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Getting to child care safely: Part 3, Driving while Distracted

Getting to child care safely with a 2 kids shouting, “he did it first”, “no, she did it first”. “Muuuuuumm, waaaaaaaah”. Sounds familiar? So if that doesn’t ring a bell, try this: how many of you have hopped in the car feeling so tired you feel a bit drunk without the fun flashbacks of the night before? Ahhh, knew you could relate to that one! New born babies can do that to you, especially those with colic, dodgy tummies or unexplained crying episodes. That can all be pretty distracting and whilst us mummies are pretty awesome at multi-tasking, our brains can only cope with sooo much before they decide what task to opt out of. Our top tips of today give you some practical strategies to implement when the going gets tough.

  1. Don’t drive tired: Being a new mum or a new dad (to a lesser extent although mostly over exaggerated) can leave you frazzled and sometimes your reactions while driving tired could be compared to those of a drunk person. If you have had a particularly bad night consider spending a day at home. You probably don’t even can’t even be bothered to have a shower and change out of your PJ’s.
  2. Leave your phone in the boot: Phone are worse than kids. We are programmed to have a quick look when that sound beeps at us. So much can happen in a split second so put it in the boot and cross fingers you have bluetooth or they can just wait.
  3. Deal with distractions with distraction Preload a CD or audio book into your car player and sing or listen together. When the going gets tough and they are bickering in the background, a DVD player. Get your game on and google a range of car trip games to play – eye spy, spot the red car.
  4. Soft toys are ideal for baby to look at or hold but do not allow hard object even a sippy cup loose in the back seat. In a collision loose object are dangerous missiles. A crying baby that doesn’t settle with the motion of the car is too distracting so pull over in a safe spot off the road, feed and settle the baby before driving on.
  5. Road Trip Time On long trips dress the children in loose comfortable clothing. Rear-facing babies can overheat so dress one layer less. Stop the car every hour and a half to two hours  if you get that far so everyone can have a drink and a run around and baby can have a squiggle on the mat.

So that wraps up our 3-part safety series. Thanks for reading and check in with a children’s safety charity near you. This content was developed in partnership with KidsafeQld, Queensland’s children’s safety charity. They have some great resources, fact sheets and news articles on their websites.

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