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Easy Vintage Christmas Craft Presents

Ok, I know no one really likes talking about Christmas before December, but this is a super easy crafty activity which could be either for a present or a room redecoration for a boy or girl.

I’ve long been obsessed with the Enid Blyton book illustrations from my childhood and l always thought I would turn them into something crafty. I never really knew what? I’ve been cruising around op shops for a while gathering a collection. Some of the books can have beautiful poems which are great for a childcare centre wall. Some poems can be unbelievably sexist, well, it was the 1950’s, so I will leave the choice up to your best judgement. These ones are great for young boys and girls but if you have robot or plane obsessed boys you can really find some great things for them too. I’m planning on doing some Rupert the Bear ones for my son and also have a few frames put by for a present for friends and the teacher. The best thing about it is it’s not only ‘on-trend’ vintage Daaaarling, but it’s also recycling!  Take a look at the one I did below for my daughters bedroom:)


  Step 1

Find your vintage kids books at op shops. Vintage stores have already realised
their value and they can often be pretty pricey, but your local Oxfam or St
Vincent de Paul shop may have them from anywhere from $2.50. Often the
hardback cover is damaged but it’s pure gold on the inside. My favourite is
looking at the little inscriptions e.g. Dear Simon, happy 3rd birthday. Love
Nana and Grandad 1957. 
I just love the fact a 61 year old is out there having lived a happy life brought up on one of these lovely books!

Step 2

Buy some photo frames to suit the sizes you need. I decided the 2 dimensional ones were quite cool. You can get them from your Dollars and Cents Store and REject Shop through to Kmart, Target and Myer in Australia. Just depends what your budget is?

Step 3

Cut out your pictures and put them in the frame. Read the book first as it is often very difficult to decide cause all the pictures are awesome!

Step 4

Hang them:) Literally, it is that easy. Or you can wrap them and put in a little adhesive hook or even include them with the photo frame stand so they can put it on a shelf!

Vintage wall pictures

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