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Don’t give up your day job

Sometimes you don’t love your job, not even as a friend, but it’s close to home, the hours suit you and you have the kids to think about. It’s often better the devil you know. The time involved to look for a job, and the stress involved to move jobs is just not worth it. You strive for that delicate balance and everyday you are just teetering on the edge. So you decide to stay and resign yourself to the fact that you have it better than your friends and you should be thankful to be in a job. All of which is true but rather than wind yourself up about what could be how can you embrace happiness in your current circumstances.

Be happy about the little things – Tune into whats happening around you. We are so busy rushing around our brains are used to tuning out to things that don’t fit into the ‘essential category’. You only have to spend 10 minutes with a 2 year old to become more aware of your surroundings. A psychologist friend of mine gave me this little trick to focus which I live to do anywhere, except when Im driving as you have to close your eyes;) So sit down, close your eyes and feel your body in your seat, feel your feet on the floor, your bottom in the chair. Feel the weight of the clothes on your body. Tune into the sounds around you, how many different sounds can you hear? Become aware of the taste in your mouth, the smell in the air. And there you have it! 1 single moment of clarity. And there’s more,I couldn’t just stop there. There are other things you can do to pass the time and create a little bit of paradise in your mind:

Develop your professional skills – Maybe your work has a training and development program you can tap into or maybe they will part fund some external study? Use the time in your position to consider where you are heading.

Develop yourself personally – Ever thought of taking some time out for a run, now, some people do get carried away and become triathletes but maybe scrapbooking is more your thing? A friend told me that you should think about the sort of thing that made you happy when you were under 15 and return to that adult dance classes, art, singing. Start up a little sideline on etsy or madeit?

Find an oasis – It might be a park, shop, coffee shop, a little escape that can help you get through the day.

So basically it’s just taking time to remind yourself that you are important. You do need to occasionally do something for yourself and that doesn’t mean cleaning up or folding the clothes. Sometimes being in a job that you don’t love doesn’t mean it needs to steal your soul. You could make it work for you and if it doesn’t then you could find something to enjoy in your day, at lunch or outside of work. Things don’t have to be awesome 100% of the time. If we didn’t have to do ordinary or crap things we wouldn’t really enjoy when awesome opportunities came along. Coping with the ups and downs makes us who we are and teaches our kids that sometimes you don’t like doing something but you just need to find ways of coping and being resilient .

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