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Did you actually have a choice of daycare options?

Is there truth in the urban myth that you can find vacancies at daycares in the inner suburbs? Or am I being ‘too picky’ and should I look for a daycare further out?

Myth vs Reality
When I found out I was pregnant with baby number 1, a million things started running through my head, where would I have it, private vs public system, oh my god how will it get out????, will it be healthy, is it a boy or a girl, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would sit across the table from my obstetrician at my 11 week check up and be given a list of all the things to think about only to find in the top 5 – have you thought about daycare!!! What! No! I am barely pregnant! What a shock to the system when I started talking to people that ‘waiting lists’ were huge and if I wanted to get bub in anywhere before they were 2 I needed to start looking now!

So off I went! I researched the top 5 daycares along the route from my house to my work and I made appointments at each one! Two of those centres to this day have never called me back, one I walked into and then straight back out, one called me when baby number 1 was 2 years old and the place that I finally got a spot with when baby was 7 months old (and then it was only 2 days of the 4 I needed!), all this after paying to be on each waiting list from when I was 4 months pregnant! Surely I was the exception not the rule? Apparently not!

I remember watching the ABC and politicians hotly debating the daycare system – and yes prior to actually getting pregnant I can’t say my ears ever really ‘pricked up’ when daycare was discussed in parliament, however according to a certain politician there wasn’t a shortage of daycare places at all, outer suburbs in every capital city had loads of vacancies and that perhaps parents should be little more flexible when they were looking! Mmmmmm another What! moment…..I have had many conversations with parents about waiting lists and the theme appears to be common, in the inner city suburbs the lists are so long that parents will pretty much stop at nothing and go close to harassment to get ‘bumped’ up the list! If only there was a happy medium! Supply and demand perhaps?

– High cost for Child Care/Wage increase
– Nanny – 19 years running your own business ABN Rebate/Register.
– Flexible child care trial – parents don’t want their children staying over at a carers house and
not being in their own bed BEC Wesley Mission
– Mixed care
– Occassional Care – Finding a place that only charges you for hours needed
– I don’t work but think it’s important my child goes to child care
– Cool child care extra services
– Dads Staying Home
– Regional/Rural No Choice We always here about the childcare centres over supply but those centres
outside the metro areas and in regional areas don’t have the same problem

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