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Choosing Childcare Guides

Australian Childcare for Expats

Childcare for English Expats

So you are moving to the land of Oz where slang and colloquialisms reign supreme. You might be forgiven for thinking English is a second language for most Australians and then just to confuse you we have interchangeable childcare terms. Understandably you may seem a little confused about the systems. ...

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What does day care look like?

What does day care look like? In General In Queensland, day care services are licensed by the Department of Communities. This means they are bound to provide minimum quality standards on the number of adults to children, staff qualifications, programs, buildings and facilities the physical environment, health, hygiene and safety. ...

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Daycare Defined

Baby Bump

Whether you are an alien from outer space, recently emigrated from overseas, or a first time mum. Unless you have friends who have ‘been there, done that’, deciding on day care for your child can be scary, complicated and stressful. Understanding what is available in Australia is the first step ...

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