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What food to pack for childcare?

Food Ideas for Childcare

I don’t know a parent who hasn’t wondered, “what should I pack them for lunch?” Each childcare centre or family day care provider may have different policies about what is acceptable as far as food goes. Some even have sustainability policies so you may even need to consider what you actually ...

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Reinventing yourself in the workforce

So you’ve been a Stay at Home Mum dedicating your heart and soul to educating, engaging and supporting your children. You may have taken extended maternity leave and by the time you want to return to work your position has changed or your organisation or team has and it’s time ...

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What should kids wear to day care?

New to child care? What do they wear? There’s clothes, and then there’s your kids daycare clothes. You might start with a fashion parade of new clothes when you child first enters daycare. It might even stay remarkably clean if they aren’t moving around much. But by the time your ...

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Australian Childcare for Expats

Childcare for English Expats

So you are moving to the land of Oz where slang and colloquialisms reign supreme. You might be forgiven for thinking English is a second language for most Australians and then just to confuse you we have interchangeable childcare terms. Understandably you may seem a little confused about the systems. ...

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Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

No matter when you return to work you may still want to breastfeed. It may seem a daunting thought but, with support from your employer and colleagues and a will to do it you can make it happen. Like everything, prior preparation really helps you to feel comfortable with expressing ...

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