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Choosing Childcare

What’s The Story Montessori?


Have you notice how trendy Montessori is? I think it’s interesting a schooling system developed in the early 1900’s to promote discovery in learning is so popular amongst parents, when there is a whole range of childcare philosophies out there. Some might liken it to an increase in popularity in Paleo diets or ...

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Is an Au Pair right for your family?


I get a lot of questions from parents about Au Pairs. Why? Because honestly parents are looking to Au pairs as an alternative to other forms of childcare. It’s great to look at all the childcare options in Australia before you make a choice. In Australia we have a National Quality ...

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Long Daycare or Childcare

Childcare Centres or Long Daycare

As a friend said, “my advice would be, if you want you children to get a place in the city childcare centres, put their name down at as many as you can before they are conceived and cross your fingers until they are 2”. I have never heard of any ...

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Flexible Childcare: Australian Nanny Trial

Nanny Trial Australia

The Australian Government recently announced a $250,000 million Nanny Trial trial targeting parents in regional areas and shift workers. Currently the detail is being nutted out and we spoke to Annemarie Sansom, Vice President, of the Australian Association of Nannies (ANA), the first body to represent Nannies in Australia under the ...

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What is ‘Quality’ Childcare?

Quality Childcare

We want Quality Childcare screams the Early Learning sector. We want quality childcare scream parents, but are these two one in the same? Childcare is an emotive issue. The first time parents come to consider childcare they are more than likely pregnant with their first child. A child they haven’t ...

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A Quick History of Australian Childcare

Kids and a Rainbow

Today in Australia over one million Aussie children under the age of twelve are in some form of childcare. Childcare emerged in the era of flares in the 1970’s in the not for profit sector but today it’s quite a different story. The Australian Federal government first provided funding to ...

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Top 5 Childcare Money Savers

Starting Childcare

So apart from those new parents that move to regional Australia, live in a self-sufficient energy-neutral commune, most parents feel the pinch of childcare costs when returning to work after bub is born. Whether they will be on full time wages or part time/casual it still takes a bit of ...

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