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Career for Mum

I won’t give up my day job

Baby in bike helmet with mum

I went back to work and it felt good. So this is my first week back to work, albeit part-time and it was great. After 13 months maternity leave the time had come to get back into it. With family daycare booked, drop offs allocated, we made it through. We ...

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job Mum

Don't give up your day job mum

Sometimes you don’t love your job, not even as a friend, but it’s close to home, the hours suit you and you have the kids to think about. It’s often better the devil you know. The time involved to look for a job, and the stress involved to move jobs ...

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When I win the lotto I’ll….

Lottery balls

When I win the lotto I’ll… Why does it take a win on the lotto or to make a major lifestyle decision or change? Ever had that discussion with your partner…”if we won the lotto we would definitely (insert goal/dream/wish)…..” or have you ever had friends faced with health problems ...

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Can you have your cake and eat it?

Child Eating Cake

I’ve heard you can have your cake and eat it. I tried it; work, husband, children, teaching yoga, catching up with friends, light cleaning duties and volunteering…..hmmm. Sometimes I feel I have super human powers to achieve all. Then I fall of the cliff into back to back infections, bouncing ...

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