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10 Australia Day Craft for Kids


Whether you are Aussie sweating it out at a BBQ, with the zinc slapped on heading for a game of backyard cricket, or you maybe across the ditch in the UK or USA and your kids or the kids you teach have a fascination with all things down under. Be ...

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Super Easy Kids Mango Ice Cream

Kids Eating Mangos

The smell of Mangos means Christmas in our house. It’s hot here in the tropics and stone fruit is available in abundance. I took the plunge in the week and got a tray of sweet smelling mangos. The kids know there is only one thing to do with so many mangos……make ...

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Easy Christmas Craft for Busy Mums and Kids

Kindy Christmas Gift Bauble

I think everyone agrees whatever Christmas means to you, it has a special theme of giving. It is a great opportunity for kids to feel good by giving and not expecting things in return. As a parent it is tricky what to get for kindy friends and teachers and if you ...

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Easy Vintage Christmas Craft Presents

Vintage wall pictures

Ok, I know no one really likes talking about Christmas before December, but this is a super easy crafty activity which could be either for a present or a room redecoration for a boy or girl. I’ve long been obsessed with the Enid Blyton book illustrations from my childhood and l ...

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Aussie Nature Craft

Nature Play Bat

I am pretty ordinary when it comes to craft. I can’t knit, crochet or paint (well), so I’ve fallen back on a bit of free styling when it comes to craft with my oldest. We were at a birthday party last Sunday after a late afternoon Saturday storm and lots of ...

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Story time: Read, Share, Repeat

Book Week Under 5s

Stories are integral to being humans whether it’s tales of ancestors from far away lands or my special family favourite of the day my great grandma hid grandad’s trousers when he said he was heading off to join the airforce. He escaped down a drain pipe grabbing another pair of ...

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Build some nature mates

Nature Craft Mouse

Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying a few bush walks. Each time we go we check out interesting shapes in sticks, seed pods and flowers. My son has been getting into Snugglepot and Cuddlepie but is a bit freaked out by the Banksia Men so we decided ...

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Make a hanging bat for Halloween

Craft hanging Bat for Hallowean

You’ve still got a bit of time until Halloween and if you have a spare 5 mins you will be able to do this with stuff you have at home. I found a handy use for our council newsletter. They print on high quality paper and makes for great bat ...

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10 ideas for a rainy day’s play

Bubble Painting Craft

So it looks like the rain is in for the weekend on the east coast of Australia, so if you are trying to escape the rain or just keep the under 5’s occupied indoors this is the blog post for you. 10 of the best indoor activities for you and ...

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