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Build some nature mates

Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying a few bush walks. Each time we go we check out interesting shapes in sticks, seed pods and flowers. My son has been getting into Snugglepot and Cuddlepie but is a bit freaked out by the Banksia Men so we decided to make a Banksia Man thats a bit cheeky but not scary. It’s really got he kids hooked and everywhere we go they are scouring the ground and asking to go for a bush walk. My two year old thinks 5 trees together means there is a possibility of a ‘bushwalk’. I’m totally no guru horiculturalist, I had to look up the names of the trees for this post. I’m also no craft guru. We bought our first craft glue gun this week and like rookies both my son and me managed to burn ourselves (nothing serious). But since our nature mates turned out ok I’m going to write down how we did it:)

What you need

Nature List

Glue – We used a glue gun we bought for $7.00 at a craft store but Im sure wood glue so something better than Clad would do the trick

Crafty Eyes – I don’t even know what they’re called. I got 2 different eye sizes.

Pipe cleaner

Drooping Sheoak – They are like mini cones. It’s the one that we used for the mouses nose.

Dried Banksia – Looks like a hairy brush.

Gumnuts – Looks like little cups. Small ones are great for eyes or feet.

Dried Bottle brush – The seed pods look like a mouth or if you split them in two, mouse ears.

Banksia Bandit
Bankisa Man

We cut cloth for the bandana, glued on the eyes and used a bottle brush seed that had popped open for the mouth and used a little skeoak for the nose.
Cutting Cloth


Banksia Mouse
Same as above except we used craft glue to glue him to a Banksia Leaf and added a pipe cleaner tail
Banksia Mouse

Gumnut Mouse
I don’t even know what tree this gumnut came off of but it’s a cracker for a mouse. We also used a really small sheoak for the nose and 2 tiny gumnuts for the eyes.

Nature Craft Mouse

Enjoy exploring nature and if you have any nature play ideas, drop us an email we would love to share them!

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