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Daycare Defined for UK and Irish Expats

Why would you leave Marks and Sparks behind? TK Maxx? Tesco and Waitrose? Why would you leave behind all inclusive packages to Spain, decent football, lager and a summer sunset at 10pm? For your children, of course! Only the most dedicated parents would ‘up sticks’, bid farewell to brilliant friends and family and move 10,000 miles to the other side of the world. To a country where, for years, the only people to be sent there were criminals.

But, everything swings in roundabouts and now it’s Australia’s turn to be the land of hope and glory, and opportunity. Which is why, so many Brits and Irish, are packing their bags and making the move downunder.

In the decade to 2009, emigration from the UK to Australia doubled. During that period almost half a million people moved from the UK to Australia. That’s the highest figure since records began. Australia is now the number one destination for Brits.

UK and IrelandWe hope that you will love and embrace our country, culture and lifestyle, despite sharing a language we can do and think about things differently here. Moving to a new country with children means considering your location, planning ahead in terms of getting your name down on waiting lists and getting your head around new systems and processes. We have developed an Australian Childcare for Expats fact sheet to help you with some of the basics. It takes time to settle in and establish your networks. Hang in there, embrace your new surroundings and all the things it offers your family and always remind yourself why you made the move in the first place. So to help you celebrate your move here are the 5 things you will love about your new home, Australia:
1. Coffee
2. Random chats with strangers
3. It has been woman (albeit briefly), who was nothing like Thatcher
4. Everyone and everything looks better in the sunshine.
5. Our economy

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  1. The top reason for coming here has gotta be the sunshine and outdoors lifestyle, doesn’t it?

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