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Aussie Nature Craft

I am pretty ordinary when it comes to craft. I can’t knit, crochet or paint (well), so I’ve fallen back on a bit of free styling when it comes to craft with my oldest. We were at a birthday party last Sunday after a late afternoon Saturday storm and lots of branches had fallen off the trees. Little blooms and seeds scattered the path so in between jumping on the jumping castle, getting your face painted and getting stuck into the icing we were scanning the ground for what we call ‘bush treasures’. So for those peeps overseas the ‘bush’ is like the forest, a bit of scrub or a collection of trees (to our 2 year old). We did look a bit strange going home with handfuls of seeds and blooms but a mum with a stick never looks too out of place.

This time we came across some pretty cool designs purely by accident. We made a lovely bat and banksia man and my little fella did his own design too. I’ve written down the ingredients and instructions to create a nature play craft characters but it is all about what you find and how you make it work so don’t be too rigid with materials or design.


Connection Materials

Glue – We used a glue gun we bought for $7.00 at a craft store but Im sure wood glue or something better than Clad would do the trick


Nature craft materials

Nature Play Craft IngredientsDrooping Sheoak – They are like mini cones. It’s the one that we used for the mouses nose.

Dried Banksia – Looks like a hairy brush when they are on the tree and then when the brush falls off it looks like a blistered stick.

Gumnuts – Looks like little cups. Small ones are great for eyes or feet.

Dried Bottle brush – The seed pods look like a mouth or if you split them in two, mouse or bats ears.

Flowering Eucalypt – Great for an ‘on trend ‘racing hat’

 Banksia Man

For this Nature Play craft we needed a dried banksia, flowering eucalypt and gumnuts

Here we were using the glue gun to glue the Eucalyptus Hat to the Banksia. PleaseNature Play Craft with a Glue Gun watch the glue gun. It’s like hot wax, once it gets stuck to your hands you are in big trouble!

NaturePlayBanksiaMan3We added a few random small gumnuts for the eyes a random nut (I have no idea what it is for the nose) and the mouth is the half opened bod of a bottle brush.


In the background of this pic my little boy is developing his own plane based on a few of our nature play ingredients.




Gumnut Bat


Nature Play Craft Bat EarsFirst we used the glue gun to connect a big gum nut to to small gumnuts for eyes
and a bottle brush seed pod for the mouth.

Then on the right we split the bottle brush seed pod and attached them as ears.


Nature Play Bat Wings from the top


Next we attached the wings to the gumnut and before we let them dry we played around with the right angle


This little Craft Bat has clocked up some serious air miles. It has been a huge hit and we will definitely be making some again soon.

Nature Play Bat


We love a bit of Nature Play Craft. Check out our other Blog Post on our crafty Banksia Bandit 

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