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5.5 Never-fail practical tips to get you to childcare on time

This is not an article about de-cluttering, creating tidy boxes or creating songs to encourage the kids to tidy up, god I hate goody-to-shoes parents that do that. These are practical, easy, sometimes controversial ways to get out the door on time.

If you could see used to go on in the morning at our house you would be wondering how I could possibly write an article on being organised. The ‘Organised Housewife’ I am not! Breakfast cereal is mashed into the table cloth, toys reproducing on the lounge room and kitchen floor and I used to leave the house approximately 3 times without, shoes, hats or water bottles, only to return in two minute gaps. But I’ve had enough, I’ve turned my life around and I’m going all evangelical spreading the word cause these are 5 NEVER FAIL steps that actually work whether you are comfortable doing them or not:

1.Get the kids dressed in daycare clothes for bed

Forget PJ’s, let superman go to bed in his t-shirt or Elsa in her favourite long sleeve shirt and tracky-b’s. Who made a law on what kids wear to bed?

2. Get your work outfits pegged
Depending on how often you work in the week, collect that many hangers, organise your outfits and peg on accessories, undies, bra’s. Everything you need to get dressed in under 5 minutes.

3. Luggage Tag the kids bags with a checklist
Grab a luggage tag for the kids and on one side write a list or draw pictures of all the things they need to make sure they need to have in their bag before they go. It’s also great if Grandma or Dad is doing pick up and has no idea what to take home.

4. Pre-made breaky
We love a bit of the ole DIY bircher museli in our house. It’s nothing fancy but a great takeaway: oats plus milk plus grated apple. The night before you can line up your kids bowls with weetbix allocations for each of the family members and in the morning just add milk and banana.

5. Wear flats and pack your heels
Don’t you think children can sense reduce capabilities? I know that as soon as I step into my heels my little ones start running around like nutbags. I’m far more nimble in my flats so until I get to work I’m rocking those ballet slippers. Sometimes it is my actual slippers. 5.5 Make sure you change into your flats from your slippers.

Now you have a whole 5 more minutes in the morning, possibly more if all 5.5 steps work, make sure you use it for you!

If you have any awesome hints and tips on leaving the house share them with the world or on our FB page!

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