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Easy Christmas Craft for Busy Mums and Kids

I think everyone agrees whatever Christmas means to you, it has a special theme of giving. It is a great opportunity for kids to feel good by giving and not expecting things in return. As a parent it is tricky what to get for kindy friends and teachers and if you have more than one child then the list can seem endless. The tricky bit is also the time it takes to organise it! I love doing handmade things but I am no craft artisan. So here is the easiest Christmas Craft ever. It has a touch of the handmade and you can really go to town on personalisation or design. This activity you can do simply with a sticker on a bauble, so it can be great for little ones even from 18mths as long as they don’t try and escape with the baubles and smash them on the ground (normal supervision rules apply;) and also can be cool right up to the teenage years.

You can really use your creative licence and do things like use the first letter of the name of your child’s friend or the teacher. You ca pick a picture and decorate with glitter, borders, feathers or tiny colourful jewels. So in three easy steps here is a way to keep the those pintrest craft mums guessing where you sourced your inspiration:

What you will need
Glue (Any tacky craft glue is fine, we just used a glue stick)
3D Fabric Paint Glitter
Gloss Varnish (not essential -just gives it a shiny finish and helps it stay on)

1. Cut out small pictures which reflect your kindy friend’s interest e.g transformers, star wars, fairies, peppa pig. You can take the easy route and just get a sticker book and stick each one on.
Kindy Bauble Christmas Craft Cutting Transformers





2.Glue the picture onto your fabulous Christmas Bauble

Glue Chritsmas Craft Bauble Image






3. Add the glitter edge and personalise with the letter. On one side we did a picture and on the other side we did a letter. You will need your Christmas Tree handy so you can hang them up to dry alternatively you can peg them on your washing line or an inside clothes horse.

Painting Christmas Bauble with Glitter


It’s as easy as that!




The finished product!

Bauble Letters for Christmas                                                     Kindy Christmas Gift Bauble





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