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10 Tips for Leaving the House on Time

It’s no surprise that parents list morning times as the most stressful time of day. Why does time amazingly speed up and your once rational mind turns into the brain of a skittish sheep? I have actually left the front door open twice in my mad dash to leave the house. I only return at the end of the day to find the front door open, thinking we have been broken into, I cautiously enter the house with block of wood in hand only to find everything perfectly intact. Woops!

So here are 10 tips that I’ve used to float out the door in a cloud of serenity. Well, if I just have the clarity of mind to close the door, the top 10 has worked!

1. Establish a morning routine. To get out of the house on time, you have to make a morning routine and make sure you stick to it every day.
2. Have different wake-up times. If someone takes a long time to get ready, make sure they’re up first! On the other hand, if one of your kids can be ready in a flash, they can lie in bed for a little bit longer.
3. Pick tomorrow’s clothes before bed. By planning and laying out everyone’s outfits the night before, you can shave time of your morning routine.
4. Pick your breakfast menu ahead of time. Be it cereal, toast or a cooked breakfast, if the menu is planned and ready to make, you’ll save yourself the hassle of rustling around the pantry trying to decide what to have.
5. Don’t set too many chores. Some things, like having your children make their beds, are important to do every morning. Other it can wait til the afternoon!
6. Get schoolbags packed the night before. Make sure your children have their homework packed and ready and, if possible, prepare lunchboxes the night before and put them in the fridge, ready to be put into schoolbags.
7. Have the occasional break from routine. To make it a little easier for your kids to get up, by giving them a few mornings off every now and then, be it a lazy Sunday or during school holidays.
8. Get your kids to set their own alarms. Give them some responsibility. If they don’t give themselves enough time to get ready, they will learn their lesson for the next morning.
9. Set a good example. Make sure that you’re up on time and don’t moan and groan about it!
10. Keep everything you need for the morning in a designated area. School shoes, backpacks and car keys should be kept in the same place so that there isn’t early morning chaos, as you run around trying to find everything.

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