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10 ideas for a rainy day’s play

So it looks like the rain is in for the weekend on the east coast of Australia, so if you are trying to escape the rain or just keep the under 5’s occupied indoors this is the blog post for you. 10 of the best indoor activities for you and your wee ones:

1. DIY Bubble Paint
This is my personal favourite
1 Tablespoon self-rising floor
1 Tablespoon salt
Food colouring
Enough water to make a paste

then you mix them all together and you have your paint. Use paint brushes or cotton swabs to paint on cardboard. It works best when you brush paint on thickly. When you are finished microwave your painting for 5-10 seconds, do not microwave for too long. I take no responsibility for the parents who set their house on fire because of this craft activity☺


2. Make an indoor clubby house.
Depending on their age you can grab a whole load of blankets, appropriately placed chairs and give them a hand. For the littlies do it for them and bring a few of their toys and a torch in the cubby. Exciting times, possibly even 5 mins of fun!

3. Do a puppet show
Pop behind the couch with your little ones fav toys and put on a show.

Story Stones4. Story stones
For some cheap creative fun, draw on some rocks with a fine point permanent marker to make your own story stones. You can put them in a bag and pull them out one by one to tell a story or you can build a scene for them or just pile them up.

5. Have an indoor picnic or tea party
Lay out an outdoor tablecloth on the floor, and enjoy lunch together. Get all the toys involved

6. Rainsoaked spider web spotting
When the rain finally does stop, Step outside for a bit of spider web spotting.

Walnut boats7. Walnut Boats
Cut a walnut in half, pour candle wax into each half and those little toothpicks you get with a flag you can stick into cupcakes. Check out Red Ted and you will never be bored again.

easy-toddler-recipe8. Wheels on the Bus Snack
You need
Ready rolled puff pastry
Tomato Puree
Grated Cheese
Selection of Herbs
Jam or other sweet filling that can be cooked

9. Rain Painting
Grab a piece of paper add a few dots of food colouring and peg it to a tree. Down leave it out in a down pour or you’ll be working your way towards a paper mache craft activity. Stick with a shower.
Rain Painting

10. Nothing.
Boredom is good for kids, not always for parents. Boredom breeds creativity. It’s a good lesson to learn that life is not always entertaining, and that they’re not the center of attention. And if you’ve got a typical home, there’s actually plenty they can do. So don’t feel like you always have to provide options and events for your children. They’ll be just fine exercising their brain.

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