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10 Australia Day Craft for Kids

Whether you are Aussie sweating it out at a BBQ, with the zinc slapped on heading for a game of backyard cricket, or you maybe across the ditch in the UK or USA and your kids or the kids you teach have a fascination with all things down under. Be it killer spiders and snakes, celebrity singers and actors, many kids are amazed by true stories about our green tree snake on our clothes line or our resident frill neck lizard called Desmond, Desi for short who likes to ride on our swing (no joke). Here’s a collection of our top 10 crafts to help you feel a little of the Aussie glow!

1. Kangaroo Felt Bag


You will need:

Brown felt
Scrap of black felt
Needle and thread
Fabric glue
Yarn (wool)
Wiggle eyes




2. The Coolest Koala Biscuits Ever 

Koala-Biscuits-AustraliaDay2016Mandy from My lovely Nest has had her koala biscuits go viral. How amazing are they?

Here’s what you’ll need –

Arnott’s Marie biscuits
Cadbury Clinkers
Mini m&m’s (brown)
White marshmallows cut in half
Icing sugar
Black food colouring

Click the Title for the full details and to check out Mandy’s blog


3. Sydney Opera House Paper Plate Hat

AustraliaDayCraft2016Kate from Laughing Kids Learn has yet again pulled out the Australia Day ‘best of’ with her Sydney Opera House Plate Hat. Can I just say this is awesome for both adults and kids so lock this one in for future fancy dress parties mums and dads;) Recently I saw it embellished with battery powered lights to make the ultimate Australian entrance.

Click the title link to get all the details on how your kids can make the ultimate easy peasy Australia Day craft!




4. Make your own Aboriginal Clapsticks

AboriginalClapSticksAustraliaDay2016No Australia Day can be celebrated without acknowledging our traditional owners and custodians of Australia, Aboriginal Australians. The traditional name of the clapsticks are ‘bilma’. They are made from the hard wood of a eucalyptus tree, native to Australia. They are often used as part of the Aboriginal corroboree ceremony where dancers become of sacred “Dreamtime” through dance, music and special clothing or costumes. For more details click on the title link and get clapping!

5. Animal Bookmarks


Penny from Mother Natured has her heart, soul and blog grounded in the soil. She runs an amazing blog Mother Natured, on ways to incorporate nature in your everyday craft activities. From leaf crowns and pinwheels to masks and these gorgeous printable bookmarks perfect for the early readers!








6. Gumnut Babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

GumnutBabiesAustraliaDay2016If you are not a native Aussie you may not be familiar with the gorgeous books and illustrations of May Gibbs who made the Australian bush come alive with her gumnut babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Her books follow the adventures of these two characters as they come across lizards, snakes and other native Australian animals in their adventures. The books were originally published in 1918 and haven’t been out of print too so if you want an Aussie favourite this is our pick!




7. Discovery Box from Kelly Be a Fun Mum


Kelly is the original parenting blogger sharing her insights and calm, relaxed parenting style with the online world through Be a Fun Mum. Her enjoyment of the little things is a theme for her work. The discovery box is a great idea for Australian’s to use going for a bush walk and collecting ‘treasures’. But also for overseas educators to introduce discovery Australia treasures.



8. Aboriginal Art

AustraliaDayAboriginalArtandCraft2016Miss K Diana runs a fabulous blog for teachers and educators on art.

This activity looks into Aboriginal Art and their ability to tell stories. She takes children through some key symbols used to tell stories.

Why not make your own symbols? Find out more by clicking on the title link.




9. WombatMasks 

AustraliaDay2016CraftWombatMasksSuzie is a teacher and home school educator and her blog and pintrest page is full of early learning inspiration in the Montessori method.


Check out her pintrest page for her blogs and click the link to find out how to do a Wombat Mask



10. Tropical Bird in a Nest

AustraliaDay2016CraftTropicalBirdDo you know Cairns, your stop for the Great Barrier Reef. Well go north by about 4 hours and you will reach Cooktown. Cooktown run an art festival and this great creation was one of the children’s activities they ran. The kids made their own species of bird using templates and shredded paper. They looked into the type of bird, where it lived, what food it ate and what it liked to do.


Have a brilliant Australian wherever you are in the world and enjoy the warm of some Aussie sunshine sent your way!

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