Draft childcare report explained in 2mins

22nd Jul 2014

What was the Commission asked to report on? The Commission was tasked with looking into childcare, finding out what was wrong with it and as a result make recommendations on how to fix it in the best interest of child development and workforce participation. What the Commission heard from parents? Childcare system didn’t meet the needs of parents. The main gripes were long waiting lists, inflexible hours, hardly worth working and little support for children with additional needs What they have the Commission recommended? -Grandparents, nannies or babysitters could be eligible for a government payment if they had at least […]

We’ve hit the national press!

17th Jul 2014

We’ve very excited appear in Women’s Agenda, our daily read:) Share your opinions with us about your child care concerns and we will voice them to the nation! If you haven’t already, check out Women’s Agenda for all things, work, career and child care: Check us out http://www.womensagenda.com.au/talking-about/opinions/nanny-rebate-could-see-mary-poppins-sweeping-australia/201407144317#.U8dJ75S1ZZ9

Post holiday resolutions

13th Jul 2014

So the school holidays are over here in Queensland and its time to get back to the grind. It’s only been two weeks but we actually did get away for one of the weeks so its given us just enough time to think about all the things we would like to do differently. So partly because sharing it with the universe might make it happen I’m going to write down all the amazing things I will probably do for 2 weeks max and then burn out: 1. Binge on Yoga snacks: Ok so I’m not going to get up at […]

The Mary Poppins Effect

10th Jul 2014

The Australian exclusively reported last week that the nation’s childcare system was facing a significant overhaul, with the draft Productivity Commission report suggesting families have access to one simplified, means-tested payment that would cover the use of nannies. Hooray shouted parents everywhere. I’d love my own Mary Poppins! But the antiques will have to go to pay for this one. I see the beginnings of a ‘Mary Poppins effect’ sweeping Australia. Short term fly-in childcare solutions to address demand and flexibility issues in capital cities. It seems like the perfect solution, but the government has not committed additional funds for […]

The school holiday shuffle!

3rd Jul 2014

I honestly think sometimes that my children need their own diaries! Master 7 and Miss 3 have a far better social life than I seem to have anymore and then you introduce school holidays. Thankfully Little Miss attends a daycare centre that is open all through the holidays (I have some friends who’s centre close for school holidays!!!) so at least I know she can stay in her routine but juggling Master 7 is a logistical nightmare that starts at least half way through the term! We are blessed with a fantastic group of friends and equally blessed as some […]

What are the signs of a good CC centre?

26th Jun 2014

Today I went to chat to Regents Park Kindergarten and Child Care Centre (RPKCC). The childcare centre is next to a small block of shops with a bakery and coffee. Always important! But this blog post isn’t about conveniently locating coffee before CC pickup, its actually about how visiting centre’s helps to remind me what is important to parents and me in choosing childcare. Here’s my personal Top 5: Staff who are welcoming and attentive I love it when people welcome you when you arrive somewhere. I’m old school customer service. At RPKCC my first stop was the babies room […]

Is there a best age to start childcare?

29th May 2014

When to start childcare is a difficult decision for any parent, and there are many factors to consider that will help you make the right decision for you and your child. The top factors are normally based on health of your baby, family support, finances and work commitments. There is no right or wrongs in choosing childcare. Its up to your individual situation. You need to weigh up all the factors so your child care choice suits your family. Let’s start with some of the aspects that might speed up or delay the need for childcare, depending on your family’s […]

5 ways to support a new mum

19th May 2014

I remember being a new parent and in the first week I was superwoman. I made cakes, smoothies, cleaned, cuddled and welcomed guests to a super tidy house. Fast forward 6 weeks and everything came crashing down. I had been cooking a nasty infection, I was sleep deprived, exhausted and overwhelmed. I was lucky I had friends and family that were great and helped without me needing to ask but some parents don’t want to ask for help or don’t know how. Sometimes when the barrage of visitors grace your door its all about them. You work so hard to […]

When to choose child care?

7th May 2014

The sooner the better get onto that wait list. I always joke that pregnancy testing kits should come with child care wait list form. Finding good, affordable childcare in metropolitan areas of Australia is a challenge. Not only is childcare expensive in major capital cities (ranging from $70 – $140 per day) but it also comes with long wait lists. It can be really hard to coordinate your care to a return to work date. You almost take for granted when you are pregnant you will be able to find care. Even if you if you have had your unnamed […]

Living in the Cloud – your backup plan

20th Apr 2014

A year ago my friend had her house broken into and they stole her ancient and irreplaceable laptop. Irreplaceable as it had every one of the baby photos from birth to 3. It has never been recovered. I reset my phone and wiped videos of my little girl learning to walk. Just recently another mum I know had her whole laptop have total melt down and luckily she could recover her image files but nothing else. I don’t know about you, but when was the last time that you printed out a photo? I haven’t even gotten around to organising […]