5 Tips to Cope with Sleep Deprivation and Work

1st Oct 2014

So the research says you need 8 hours of sleep a night and maybe you didn’t even quite make it to 8 hours when you didn’t have kids. Having a baby for me, was a very rude awakening to my lifestyle and ‘having my cake and eating it’ attitude. After I had my first baby I was super mum. I was awake all day smashing out the washing, cleaning, dinner, basically being a super wifey. It all came crashing down about 6 weeks after I had my son. I’d had some complications and had shortness of breath and they thought […]

$1,500 Prize Pack to Relaunch Your Career

30th Sep 2014

When I had my first bub I took 6mths maternity leave, I was nervous returning to work. In a short amount of time my word turned upside down, my son was teething, my sleep was broken and I found it difficult function as a human in daylight hours. It is amazing how we all survive and find a new ‘normal’. I’ve spoke to many mums about how they felt when they returned to work and no matter how long you take off they all say confidence is the main issue. It’s no real surprise when you go from your normal […]

Sister Act: Turning an idea into a biz

24th Sep 2014

Recently we spoke to Liz and Jane from BabyBatches on turning an idea into a business and what advice they would give new mums in choosing childcare. Liz Williams and Jane Quinn are sisters. They traded careers as legal secretaries to go into business together to create a business and lifestyle that’s built around their families. Their business, BabyBatches was created three years ago after they found a gap in the market for stylish and quality baby hampers and gifts for new mums. Both Liz and Jane are mums and returned to part time work after they had their children, […]

5 things first time grandparents need to know

23rd Sep 2014

Grandparents are amazing when they are around for the grankids and offer something uniquely wonderful to life of a little person. But grandparents these days are older thanks to us having kids later in life, they are working longer, have higher disposable incomes and travel more so than the grandparents 30 years ago. They have a life – how selfish of them! For parents lucky enough to have one or both grandparents around and offering a caring role it can be a saviour in the decision to go back to work but there are a few things to brief granny […]

5 things you can learn from a high school reunion

21st Sep 2014

20 years ago I finished school. It doesn’t feel like a long time ago! My high school experience was ordinary. I didn’t find my soul mate or form lifelong friendships, I didn’t do amazingly well, I played hockey and netball socially and loved the ole high school musicals and when I went to our guidance counsellor she suggested a career in hospitality. I left school with a feeling of, “I’ll show them”. Hospitality 20 years ago wasn’t as cool as it is now. Hospitality was code for “don’t bother going to uni, you’ll never get anywhere”. Why would I want […]

Win an Aden+Anais Classic Sleeping Bag

18th Sep 2014

The seasons are changing. Summer is coming, but it’s not here just yet. The days are warming up but the nights are cool. It’s hard when you are dressing baby for 3am at 12 degrees not 25 degrees when you put them to bed. You want to keep them warm but not risk them overheating! Aden + Anais, have the perfect solution, and what would they know? They’ve only swaddled the royal baby George. Aden + Anais Sleeping Bags There are 6 available in the range in typical blokey, girlie and gender neutral colours from 0-24 months. Aden + Anais […]

Safely returning to exercise after bub

17th Sep 2014

Thanks to some expert advice by Lisa Entwisle from BabyWeights we have an specialist on hand to answer all give you some hints and tips and answer all your questions about getting back to regular activity after bub arrives. Whether you are a first time mum or a mother of five, pregnancy and childbirth has a huge impact on your body and should not be underestimated. The first six- twelve weeks (depending whether you had a vaginal birth or caesarean) after giving birth are a time of healing, re-balancing and recovery. You must honour what your body has gone through […]

Win a Baby Batches Beauty Box Hamper

14th Sep 2014

Sisters Liz and Jane, the brains behind, Baby Batches have joined Daycare Decisions to do a fabulous giveaway to treat 1 lucky mum. Baby Batches was created three years ago by Liz and Jane after they found a gap in the market for stylish and quality baby hampers and gifts for the new mum. Being Mums, they’ve received a few well meaning gifts when they had their babies but most of the baby hampers we received didn’t include quality clothing or toys for the new bub. They also had trouble finding good quality baby hamper companies to send newborn gifts […]

Style Me: Returning to Work

9th Sep 2014

Returning to work after the birth of a child is daunting…..Holy moly it is more than daunting! Not only do you have that dreading, never relinquishing feeling of mother guilt (dropping bub at day care, or feeling like you a relying way to heavily on the grandparents/relatives) it is hard work. And not only are you dealing with guilt, but you’re mixing again with the real world, having adult conversations and making important corporate decisions when you’ve been up all night with a screaming teething child and made a mad dash 20km up the freeway at 3:00am to the night […]

Back to work after bub

9th Sep 2014

You’ve been operating on planet parenthood for a while now with no watch, celebrating when you can get to Playgroup on time. But you have been a tiny bit looking at forward to going back to work. You might have a mixture of nervous anticipation, dread, guilt, excitement often all rolled into one. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really change when you go back to work, those feelings don’t really disappear, you just find ways to manage it better. I remember starting a job and swapping my chair for another near by. A lady came in, saw me in her chair […]