Mum’s Life has changed but he’s just got ‘Daddy Glow’

22nd Oct 2014

When bub arrives and about 3 days after when you feel teary, having been woken every 2 hours with a hungry bubba, this is the insightful moment where you realise, life will never be the same. Husbie starts off fluffing up your pillows, waiting on you hand and foot, indulging you in a buffet of all you can eat food and drinks but in no more than in a week, he’s has gone back to work. Daddy Glow is when a working man takes his colleagues on the journey of his impending fatherhood and after the birth of his child […]

LinkedIn Profile Photo: Your face is your brand

21st Oct 2014

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover but we all know that is exactly what people do when they see someone’s image for the first time. We all make assumptions and until we learn more about that person or meet them, it is all that we have to go by. We make subconscious judgments about a person by the way they present themselves, their posture, their clothing and their eye contact and event he quality of the image. Since LinkedIn is a networking medium for professionals, it is vital that you select the right image […]

A Day at Sacha Drake

18th Oct 2014

A Day At Sacha Drake By Claire Chadwick of Part of the Relaunch Your Career prize pack is $300 to spend at the amazing women’s boutique: Sacha Drake in Brisbane. Sacha Drake is a fashion label by Brisbane designer; Sacha Drake herself. She has built up a booming business around her designs because they truly are amazing. Her pieces are of high quality and workmanship and are made to fit and flatter ‘real’ women! “Sacha designs each garment by draping fabric over her own body – an hourglass size 14 – then converts the style into a pattern. This […]

What your child carers don’t want you to know

15th Oct 2014

1. They know all your secrets Lets face it, anyone under 5 is basically a leaky sieve. Littlies have an inability to keep secrets, especially on the most delicate of subjects. If you’ve had an argument, with your partner, have a habit of mowing the lawn in your bikini or have recently dropped the ‘f’ bomb, chances are they already know. Don’t worry, it’s not just your secrets they know it’s everyone’s and they will pretend they don’t. 2. Childcare workers hourly rate can be the equivalent to the price of an entrée This might be at your favourite restaurant […]

Win a PlayHive Puzzle Pack

13th Oct 2014

Wooden toys are more than just kitsch vintage ornaments, they are making a comeback in a big way. I’m fed up of throw away plastic toys that break in 5 seconds. Wood is Good! Our friends at PlayHive are providing one lucky family with a huge Puzzle Prize Pack valued at over $80 enter by clicking the link below: Win a PlayHive Wooden Puzzle Prize Pack For more prizes check out our giveaways page here

Restarting your career after baby

12th Oct 2014

It sounds straight forward enough,….”follow 5 easy steps and you’ll be back on your feet,” but I’m going to start by saying, it’s not that easy. Having a baby is a huge transitional point in a women’s life and most times, career. No matter how long you have taken off after having a baby, things have fundamentally changed. It could be that you are orientating more towards roles with a greater flexibility or work/life balance? It might be you have been out of the workforce in a high paying job and having that time-gap has lead you to feel less […]

Make a hanging bat for Hallowean

12th Oct 2014

You’ve still got a bit of time until Hallowean and if you have a spare 5 mins you will be able to do this with stuff you have at home. I found a handy use for our council newsletter. They print on high quality paper and makes for great bat wings! You need: Toilet roll: minus the paper Paper to make wings Pipe cleaners for legs (Just use cardboard with folded legs if you don’t have pipecleaners Sticky tape Pens First, we cut out some wings out, it doesn’t matter what shape and we coloured them in. I cut out […]

Travelling with Bub: Hassle-Free Holiday Tips

7th Oct 2014

Introducing mumpreneur, traveller and Relaunch Your Career Dream Team member, Gemma Beriman. Just a regular mumma who designed and made an all-in-one nappy bag, feeding pillow and play mat. Gemma shares her wisdom on how to make your next holiday as hassle-free as possible…travelling with bub and some great hints and tips from her own travel experiences. Check the end of the article for details on how you can win one of these gorgeous MoonMama Take-Off Totes for yourself as well as a $1500 worth of prizes. Travelling with a baby – it IS possible? When you return to work […]

5 things they never told you about going back to work

6th Oct 2014

Whether you returning from 6 months, 12 months or an even longer period after a career break, things have changed. You might think before you go back it’s the changes at work you have to get your head around. Most mums I’ve talked to say the biggest changes have been, them. Everyone talks about bub and your emotions in returning to work. There’s no doubt bub will be your biggest thought but, no one really talks about how having a baby changes the way you think about the world. It can change how you prioritise your life, your career, aspirations. […]

Makeup for Busy Mums

1st Oct 2014

Introducing Bianca Hunter Makeup Artist, Bianca is a fabulous Brisbane-based makeup artist who is part of our Dream Team of experts making one mum over for Relaunch Your Career $1500 prize giveaway #RYC Rolling out of bed in the morning after a few hours of interrupted sleep means one thing, surviving the day! The last thing on your mind is getting dolled up. I have compiled a little list for busy mums to help you stay on top of looking gorgeous even with your busy schedules. Tip No. 1 – Skincare: Too tired to wash your face after a busy […]