3 Steps to Making a Cool Kindy Kid Gift

29th Nov 2014

Now that our little fella is old enough to understand Christmas we wanted to make sure that the ‘giving’ theme of Christmas was preserved not just “I want a remote control monster truck”. Kindy have started on the theme by asking each child to bring in an old toy to give to a local charity. We are continuing at home by making a little gift for each of his friends. So in three easy steps here is a way to keep the gift of giving alive! What you will need Baubles Glue 3D Fabric Paint Glitter Gloss Varnish (not essential […]

Prepping for Prep, Kindergarten, Reception & Pre-Primary

26th Nov 2014

So Prep is a big deal for us. Depending on where you live in Australia it is called difference things. You might know it as Kindy if you live in ACT or Victoria, Reception if you live in SA, Pre-primary if you live in WA and Transition if you live in the NT. If you live in Qld and Tassiwe, we call it Prep. So now we are on the same page I can get on with the story…..We had our orientation the other day for school next year and I even got emotional then, so god knows what I […]

Babies can take Selfies, cute or creepy?

24th Nov 2014

Dutch Design student Laura Cornet has created a new baby mobile linked to social media, allowing babies to post their own information online, called New Born Fame. Each soft toy hanging down can load information to the babies’ social media profile within seconds, handily synced by their parents. One toy features a camera and a GPS locator for those special moments when you want to gloat about your home or holiday location. Pull the small bird, and the baby sends out a randomly generated tweet. Pull the Facebook logo, and they automatically update their status along with their current location. […]

10 Chrissy Gifts For Your Child Carers

19th Nov 2014

The clock is ticking, 5 weeks to Christmas and you haven’t even done Christmas shopping for the family, let alone considered the gifts for your early childhood educators, teachers, nannies, babysitters and other support staff to keep life ticking over. So before you have a melt down, just relax and grab a coffee. I’ve compiled a handy list of shop-bought gifts supporting Aussie businesses. Gifts for those special peeps in your life who care for your kids. Let’s show them a bit of love! 1. Tree Bracelet $29.95: Jewellery with trees. Sweet Silver Jewellery based in Queensland has a very […]

Ever heard “Childcare Damages Your Child?” This is why….

12th Nov 2014

As a parent I have had comments from colleagues at work and older members of society that judge me, my family and question my parenting choices. One of the usual gestures is the childcare nod. “Oh…, your children goes to childcare?” The inference being, they are wild, tough kids. Could it be the fact they are active kids, or our parenting style gives them the opportunity to be themselves and not the “seen and not heard” children of the post-war era? It’s just rude. It’s funny how in war times there were posters promoting the use of neighbours and friends […]

Build some nature mates

7th Nov 2014

Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying a few bush walks. Each time we go we check out interesting shapes in sticks, seed pods and flowers. My son has been getting into Snugglepot and Cuddlepie but is a bit freaked out by the Banksia Men so we decided to make a Banksia Man thats a bit cheeky but not scary. It’s really got he kids hooked and everywhere we go they are scouring the ground and asking to go for a bush walk. My two year old thinks 5 trees together means there is a possibility of a […]

Top 5 Resume Tips for Mums

2nd Nov 2014

Top 5 Resume Tips for Mums Whether you are returning to the workforce after having bub or going back to your old job, having a baby and taking paid parental leave or maternity leave is a good time to reflect on your skills and abilities, think about the future and update your resume. Here are a few hot tips on how to handle your resume: 1. What role/job/career you want and what makes YOU different? Before you even sit down to write your resume you have to answer those two questions. If you can’t, your resume will probably be a […]

Returning to Work after maternity leave or a career break

29th Oct 2014

We’ve got a smash out 5-step strategy to re-enter the workplace after taking time off to become a mum. I’d like to add a bit more depth about how you can prepare to re-enter the workforce after having a baby. Whoever you are? Wherever you come from? Becoming a mum changes you. For some, it’s not a big adjustment but, for others their whole world turns upside down and opens a pandora’s box of questions from who am I? What world do I want my baby to grow up in? What kind of a role model do I want to […]

Mum’s Life has changed but he’s just got ‘Daddy Glow’

22nd Oct 2014

When bub arrives and about 3 days after when you feel teary, having been woken every 2 hours with a hungry bubba, this is the insightful moment where you realise, life will never be the same. Husbie starts off fluffing up your pillows, waiting on you hand and foot, indulging you in a buffet of all you can eat food and drinks but in no more than in a week, he’s has gone back to work. Daddy Glow is when a working man takes his colleagues on the journey of his impending fatherhood and after the birth of his child […]

LinkedIn Profile Photo: Your face is your brand

21st Oct 2014

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover but we all know that is exactly what people do when they see someone’s image for the first time. We all make assumptions and until we learn more about that person or meet them, it is all that we have to go by. We make subconscious judgments about a person by the way they present themselves, their posture, their clothing and their eye contact and event he quality of the image. Since LinkedIn is a networking medium for professionals, it is vital that you select the right image […]