Easy Vintage Kids Room Craft

23rd Aug 2014

I’ve always loved the old Enid Blyton book illustrations of my childhood and long since had the idea I would turn those into something crafty. I never really knew what. When my was born I promised myself I would do something a bit crafty for her room. Fast forward almost 2 years and I’ve managed some super easy vintage wall craft. I’m slightly embarassed it has taken me this long, they are so easy. The best thing about it was ferreting around the op shops to find the the treasures! Step 1: Find your vintage kids books. Step 2: Buy […]

Win a $40 night in with MenuLog!

21st Aug 2014

Ever felt like not cooking dinner after a rubbish day at work, coming home to busy, tired kiddlets? This is the competition for you! Thanks to our friends at MenuLog Australia’s number 1 online takeaway they recognised the Mums of Australia need a night in and a way to order a takeaway without having to get out of your pyjamas. Basically if you can switch on a TV you’ll be able to order a takeaway through MenuLog. There are 3 easy steps: 1. Search for your suburb 2. Choose a restaurant and get it delivered or pick it up 3. […]

Childcare and Sleep

20th Aug 2014

If you are a new mum you might be anxious about many things concerning childcare. But often, one of the biggest worries is how on earth your little bundle of joy will fit into a sleep schedule imposed by someone else! All childcare centres family daycare providers and nannies have a daily routine for all children that provides stability, reassurance and allows the kids to know everyone is working on the same page. Most providers offer a great deal of flexibility when you first bring your child in and they understand the adjustment can be difficult. You may find your […]

5.5 Never-fail practical tips to get you to childcare on time

18th Aug 2014

This is not an article about de-cluttering, creating tidy boxes or creating songs to encourage the kids to tidy up, god I hate goody-to-shoes parents that do that. These are practical, easy, sometimes controversial ways to get out the door on time. If you could see used to go on in the morning at our house you would be wondering how I could possibly write an article on being organised. The ‘Organised Housewife’ I am not! Breakfast cereal is mashed into the table cloth, toys reproducing on the lounge room and kitchen floor and I used to leave the house […]

10 ideas for a rainy day’s play

15th Aug 2014

So it looks like the rain is in for the weekend on the east coast of Australia, so if you are trying to escape the rain or just keep the under 5’s occupied indoors this is the blog post for you. 10 of the best indoor activities for you and your wee ones: 1. DIY Bubble Paint This is my personal favourite Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon self-rising floor 1 Tablespoon salt Food colouring Enough water to make a paste Directions: then you mix them all together and you have your paint. Use paint brushes or cotton swabs to paint on cardboard. […]

5 things you should never say to a mum choosing childcare

13th Aug 2014

1. Why do you feel the need to go back to work so soon…they’re so little? If you weren’t feeling guilty enough, this little cracker thrown at you from family and friends can really turn on the guilts. As a new parent you are not so prepared for the random comments of strangers on such wide-ranging topics from parenting to food choices. We say, get used to it! We can’t change those random’s out there and their ability to strip away any self confidence a new mum had in her own abilities but , we can choose to ignore them. […]

Create a Dino World

9th Aug 2014

This is one of my fav activities for my little fella but it doesn’t have to be particularly blokey. I think mine is a bit army island, just cause of his current phase. Now that the weather is warming up it’s fun to get back into the water play. So if you need some guidance here’s how I did it: 1. Half a clam shell from Bunnings, Big W or Kmart 2. Fill the bottom of the clam shell with water and add some blue/green food colouring 3. Grab a few mixing bowls from the kitchen and fill with sand […]

$170 Skincare Giveaway, Aden + Anais

5th Aug 2014

We are very excited to partner with Aden + Anais to bring you a Mum + Bub Skincare Pack worth over $170.00. You may remember tiny Prince George coming out of hospital swaddled in a Aden + Anais muslin wrap. Well, that’s them! Their Aussie founder has moved to New York to develop an amazing range of gorgeous skincare for Mum + Bub. We will be giving 5 products from the Aden + Anais skincare range: Aden + Anais tear-free Bubble Bath ($22.68). The bubble bath has a wonderful scent of Australian sandalwood. The addition of pawpaw fruit has a […]

Relaunch Your Career Comp

2nd Aug 2014

Mums of Australia stay tuned for a very exciting competition. Daycare Decisions will soon be launching an amazing opportunity for one mum to relaunch her career #RYC. Having a baby can be a huge transitional time in a mum’s life. It can be a point of reflection with questions like, “who am I”, “where am I going”, “what kind of mum do I want to be?” Some time away from the workforce can effect confidence and self-esteem and you need a kick start to get you going. Our competition, Relaunch your career will provide advice, tips, and hints from our […]

Making a Career Comeback

31st Jul 2014

You’ve been through the most life-changing experience of your life. You’ve dedicated endless days and nights, your passion, energy and creativity to nuture and grow your little ones. You may have taken extended maternity leave and by the time you want to return to work your position has changed or your organisation has restructured and you don’t feel you belong anymore. You may have taken years out and the thought of trying to represent the person you’ve become in a four page resume scares the life out of you. No matter how long you have taken out from the workforce […]