Win an Aden+Anais Classic Sleeping Bag

18th Sep 2014

The seasons are changing. Summer is coming, but it’s not here just yet. The days are warming up but the nights are cool. It’s hard when you are dressing baby for 3am at 12 degrees not 25 degrees when you put them to bed. You want to keep them warm but not risk them overheating! Aden + Anais, have the perfect solution, and what would they know? They’ve only swaddled the royal baby George. Aden + Anais Sleeping Bags There are 6 available in the range in typical blokey, girlie and gender neutral colours from 0-24 months. Aden + Anais […]

Safely returning to exercise after bub

17th Sep 2014

Thanks to some expert advice by Lisa Entwisle from BabyWeights we have an specialist on hand to answer all give you some hints and tips and answer all your questions about getting back to regular activity after bub arrives. Whether you are a first time mum or a mother of five, pregnancy and childbirth has a huge impact on your body and should not be underestimated. The first six- twelve weeks (depending whether you had a vaginal birth or caesarean) after giving birth are a time of healing, re-balancing and recovery. You must honour what your body has gone through […]

Win a Baby Batches Beauty Box Hamper

14th Sep 2014

Sisters Liz and Jane, the brains behind, Baby Batches have joined Daycare Decisions to do a fabulous giveaway to treat 1 lucky mum. Baby Batches was created three years ago by Liz and Jane after they found a gap in the market for stylish and quality baby hampers and gifts for the new mum. Being Mums, they’ve received a few well meaning gifts when they had their babies but most of the baby hampers we received didn’t include quality clothing or toys for the new bub. They also had trouble finding good quality baby hamper companies to send newborn gifts […]

Style Me: Returning to Work

9th Sep 2014

Returning to work after the birth of a child is daunting…..Holy moly it is more than daunting! Not only do you have that dreading, never relinquishing feeling of mother guilt (dropping bub at day care, or feeling like you a relying way to heavily on the grandparents/relatives) it is hard work. And not only are you dealing with guilt, but you’re mixing again with the real world, having adult conversations and making important corporate decisions when you’ve been up all night with a screaming teething child and made a mad dash 20km up the freeway at 3:00am to the night […]

Back to work after bub

9th Sep 2014

You’ve been operating on planet parenthood for a while now with no watch, celebrating when you can get to Playgroup on time. But you have been a tiny bit looking at forward to going back to work. You might have a mixture of nervous anticipation, dread, guilt, excitement often all rolled into one. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really change when you go back to work, those feelings don’t really disappear, you just find ways to manage it better. I remember starting a job and swapping my chair for another near by. A lady came in, saw me in her chair […]

Top 5 Childcare Money Savers

29th Aug 2014

So apart from those new parents that move to regional Australia, live in a self-sufficient energy-neutral commune, most parents feel the pinch of childcare costs when returning to work after bub is born. Whether they will be on full time wages or part time/casual it still takes a bit of adjusting. so before your buy those tie-dye harem pants and move to Nimbin, we’ve gathered a few hot tips to help make sure you still have $4.00 left over for the all important coffee to get you through those days where you’ve had 3 hours sleep. 1. Adjust your expectations […]

The eternal learning curve of parenthood

27th Aug 2014

So…once you have your precious bundle and you work out which way is up, what they like (or actually what they don’t like to eat!) to eat, sleeping patterns, illness, middle of the night trips to doctors, walking, teething, what does that cry mean, why won’t you sleep! Now you want to drop your day time sleep WHAT! Then daycare, kindy and finally school. I thought that school would be some kind of reprieve from the ever revolving door of learning for me at least, but NO! I have recently been exposed to a whole different side of learning, school […]

Easy Vintage Kids Room Craft

23rd Aug 2014

I’ve always loved the old Enid Blyton book illustrations from my childhood and long since had the idea I would turn those into something crafty. I never really knew what. When my was born I promised myself I would do something a bit crafty for her room. Fast forward almost 2 years and I’ve managed some super easy vintage wall craft. I’m slightly embarrassed it has taken me this long, they are so easy. The best thing about it was ferreting around the op shops to find the the treasures! Step 1: Find your vintage kids books. Step 2: Buy […]

Win a $40 night in with MenuLog!

21st Aug 2014

Ever felt like not cooking dinner after a rubbish day at work, coming home to busy, tired kiddlets? This is the competition for you! Thanks to our friends at MenuLog Australia’s number 1 online takeaway they recognised the Mums of Australia need a night in and a way to order a takeaway without having to get out of your pyjamas. Basically if you can switch on a TV you’ll be able to order a takeaway through MenuLog. There are 3 easy steps: 1. Search for your suburb 2. Choose a restaurant and get it delivered or pick it up 3. […]

Childcare and Sleep

20th Aug 2014

If you are a new mum you might be anxious about many things concerning childcare. But often, one of the biggest worries is how on earth your little bundle of joy will fit into a sleep schedule imposed by someone else! All childcare centres family daycare providers and nannies have a daily routine for all children that provides stability, reassurance and allows the kids to know everyone is working on the same page. Most providers offer a great deal of flexibility when you first bring your child in and they understand the adjustment can be difficult. You may find your […]